What to do before starting your blog?

Many bloggers just "go with the flow," but I found that if you plan your blog before you start working on it, you save a lot of energy later.

The most important thing to remember when designing your blog is the subject of your blog. You always have to choose a blog theme / niche you care about, many bloggers create blogs about topics / niches that they know nothing. This is because they have seen some content that says that these blogs earn a lot of money, have high paying keywords, and earn far more on this subject, others are true but spoof the fun of blogging, they will not enjoy writing about it so there is no point in writing about it, then blog is fun, not money.

The main mistake is that bloggers choose a theme / cabin that they do not know much or do not have a lot to say about, they run out of ideas about articles after only one or two have been sent. This is blocking so-called bloggers (similar to blocking writers, but blogging).

If you find a topic that you think will be happy writing, Can post your blog if you can read only five ideas for your blog content, you really should not try to create a blog on the subject. You also have to keep this idea for later referrals, so if you meet with bloggers, look at your idea and get back your old ideas.

If you've got it right, according to the steps in this article, it sounds like this topic is right for you blog, but honestly see your blogs the same subject in a year or two? Would you like to know it as an expert on this subject? Many bloggers are great in the first few months, and they do not want to blog anymore. You should seriously consider the fact that you do not want to write a blog, say USB gadgets within a year.

Blogs do not start running & # 39; as long as you've been at least 6 months old, but after the first year, your blog's traffic / SEO / revenue is largely noticeable, so if you do not stick to the blog for 6+ months, you should not start. I do not say that you do not know some bloggers prefer to create a blog for 6 months of content and then leave it alive. This works well, but the blogs are made up of good updated content, so downloading old content will not help much, but then you can sell the blog to spot pinballs.

Is the last little test before you start working on your blog, do you really have time for it? Now it may seem that when it starts, it only takes a while to make daily entries to your blog, but you will find that you spend more time on it. For those who think of creating a series of blogs, I suggest you create a blog, set it up, upload it for a month, and see how it goes, see how long you have to post on a daily basis, and what does not work if you have spare time to create another blog. The first blog you created will always be the hardest and the second will be easier, you know what's on the market, you do not know what to do, most of the time you do not know what to do with your first blog, so do not be afraid to open another blog because you think you have to complete everything on your first blog, as long as you know what the traffic is worth, what's the waste of your first blog, the second blog will be faster.

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