What is a BLOG?

Blogs The NEW secret weapon to reach Tarket. Just like you, I hate being sold. Every day more than 3500 marketing messages are bombarded. And frankly, I'm sick too! But blogs are different. Blogs are a two-way conversation between the blogger and the blogger (and all readers). Share notes and link links to share feedback. You can build the network. You can become, I dare say, an online celebrity!

Blogs give humanity and instantaneous expression to the internet. Like ezines, blogs are a way for your customers to get acquainted with them.

However, unlike ezines, blogs help rank search engine rankings. Can you hear me? I said, unlike ezines, blogs help rank the search engines. This is big.

Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Week even the FCC (Federal Trade Commission) believes blogs are still here. Recently, the president of FCC Michael Powell recently launched one. His first assignment attracted more than 30,000 readers. Microsoft spokesman Bill Gates is considering launching the blog. And filmmaker Michael Moore made a blog to promote his controversial new film Fahrenheit 9/11 .

But who has time to read a blog anyway? Exactly! The blog is about overloading information and transferable searchable, relevant, and current content. The BlogAds site has recently created more than 17,000 blog readers.

Here are what they mean:

  • Blog readers are older and richer . 61% of blog readers are more than 30 and 75% more than $ 45,000 a year.
  • Blog readers are much more cyber-like . 54% of their news consumption is online. 21% of them are bloggers themselves, and 46% are described as opinion formers.
  • Blog readers are media mavericks . 21% for New Yorker Magazine, 15% for Economist, 15% for Newsweek and 14% for Atlantic Monthly .
  • Whether it's left or right, blog readers have frequent gains that are often missing in today's public places: passion and initiative.
  • The apathy of blog readers toward traditional news sources . 82% said the TV was worthless. 55% of them say the same about printed newspapers. 54% say the same about printed journals. Meanwhile, 86% say blogs are useful or extremely useful as news sources or opinion sources 80% say they read blogs about news they can not find elsewhere. 78% can be read because the perspective is better. 66% value for faster news. 61% say blogs are fairer.
  • Blog readers look united with their dissatisfaction with traditional media and the lazy love of blogs.

Do not you want to be a blogger? What about good, bad and bizarre?

Model Civil Blogs : John Reese's blog. Hey, the guy just made $ 1,080,496.37 online in a single day. Here's a good thumb rule. If Reese does it, he'll have to.

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Inspiring Michael Port's weekly calls to those who are now seeking online connectivity. Designed by Andy Wibbels.

My Blog: http://www.red-hot-copy.com/blog.htm – a blog today.

Bizarro blog: Jeff Bridges & # 39; site as a "blog". Handwritten! (Yes really). http://www.jeffbridges.com

From the beginning of this year I took my leg in the blog post. Now I've decided it's time to really learn how to do this stuff with an expert who will drive you through the scary forest of the blog world. Back to school! Through another client I met the blogguru Andy Wibbels. Of course, there is a funny name but adorable! And his writing style moves me on the floor. Well Andy is a self-confessed geek. And Andy knows the blogs. He says it's easy and I trust him.

Source by Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

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