Virtual Cost!

Encouraged by his earlier encouraging experience with bankrolls, Mr. Thames Pond decided to continue there. You've accepted a pledge to meet with any credit card or banking administration with courage and intelligence. You must ensure that you reject all unnecessary bids or traps. It would no longer be vulnerable. And then, as always, he called me right away.

"Hello … I talked to the Thames Pond?"

"Who should do this?"

"Is this Moneycanny, UC Bank … Mr Pond?" 19459002

"All right, this is Pond, Thames Pond!"

"Good morning to talk to you again! Good morning, sir!" "Good morning, Mrs …"

"Mr Pond … can I take only two minutes from my most valuable time?"

"What to do?"

"Sir, you are one of our top customers, and over the years we have reviewed your payment record to give you rare privileges on travel discounts. You will get a package travel voucher that will allow you to provide free five-star hotel comfort At the various tourist destinations you would like to visit. You can easily forward this package. "

" You give me everything, Milady? " "This is the UC bank's thanksgiving to one of our best clients."

"No payment? No hidden costs? Are you sure?"

"Yes, sir, all you have to do is get it! "

" Okay … in this case I may consider … Ms … er … "

" Thank you Sir! "The package value is more than $. Taxes and other charges You will pay an amount – dollars to receive the package.This amount is billed in our next card regulation … "

" Hey … wait a minute, what do you say … I have to pay, To get the benefits? "" Good sir, you do not pay, you only pay taxes. The package is worth a lot of money, so the service charges of course … "

" Wait … see … "

" Ours is one of the largest banks in the country with a huge network … "

"Hey, Ms … well … I do not mean your bank … I understand you you see … it's you and look here! See … er … … to see … I have to leave my office … to book tickets … you have to plan perfectly to take advantage of the Travel Package, right? And considering the five-star privileges, I have to fly … I can not just crawl and smash it to get there, right? Well, the problem is that it can not take place in this particular period … for many reasons … "

" But sir, we are sure you will not leave such a money saving option! "

" … Okay … expect … I would also like it. But this is not in my hands. Now, if I can not take advantage of your "free" package, why should I pay in advance on the ground? Send … I'll see if I travel and enjoy the five-star luxury, please count the service fees … that's perfect. "

" Sorry Sir! We offer a value package for you, so we only have to pay the service tax. Please confirm your consent to be sent immediately. "

" I'm sorry too … Milady! I can not give my consent … – He stopped the line.

Mr. Pond watched his phone again and rejected the call, happy to be happy, the process was repeated again and then prayed. Pond boasted a broad grin.

Source by Chinmay Chakravarty

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