Travel Writing – Writing in a Third Party

If you write travel articles than consider what is best to get the most out of publishing your articles. One tip to consider is whether to write to a first or third person

There are some smart and popular travel writers. Some of them are household names. Others are new and inspiring. These people can easily write the first person. They say "I did this" or "I did this". Their articles are of high quality.

However, it may be difficult to write in this way, and especially if not created, it may be difficult for readers to contact you. Frankly, people don't always want to know what you did, what you ate, and where you went. Your article is not a resume. This is a travel article.

People feel better when they talk and write in a third person (unless they know or know it). So you would say "go down the West Avenue" instead of "I went to the West Avenue" and "try the duck in the wine sauce" rather than "the duck with the wine sauce."

provides the reader with a guide, plan, and opportunity to base their travel plans and experiences loosely on the facts you offer. They don't ask them to spend a typical day on the itinerary.

Allow readers to experience travel information in an objective and factual way. Write to the third person, not the first.

Source by Dr. Mark Clayson

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