"Travel Maestro" – A list of travel packages to guarantee a successful trip

For more than 15 years, they travel to business and pleasure regularly, I classified myself as a "clumsy" traveler – I was very disorganized I probably forgot the important (if not critical) elements of my travels. I have lost valuable time and money to buy and buy materials that I have already owned but forgot to pack. And I was willing to do the same packing mistakes several times. I remember a trip to see a potential employer for a job interview. I was in a city I did not know, and I thought I did everything I needed. The morning I got to my most beautiful black suit, I realized I did not wear the appropriate black dress socks. I thought that the appearance of black suits and gymnastic socks would probably prevent work, but I was not close to the big boxes in downtown. The interview was at 9:00 and most of the city stores did not open until 9:30 or 10:00. I recorded! If there was not such a very nice shopkeeper who opened the door early, he would have been left free. (However, no one knew that I was wearing a pair of women's socks for the day, because it was the only pair whose store would work.) From this point on, I vowed to never forget the objects of the trip and thought about timing and project management my training to find a very simple solution. I made a reminder in my designer, which was a standard packet for business trips. Each time I went on a trip, I would look at my list as I covered the trip so that I could not remember anything useful. It was also useful when I packed home to make sure I did not forget something at the hotel. And over time, as I traveled, I kept mentioning the items on the lists I thought would be useful, so the list was growing and evolving over time.

When I Moved to Palm and MS Outlook Platforms A few years ago I made a standard reminder in my "Business" category, which now works as a package list and I just wear my PDA with me packing to make sure everything, what I need. I've also created some new "special" packages, including personal excursions / hikes, hiking, excursions, shore excursions, and kids. These lists have grown and developed over time, and are more inclusive than originally. It is very rare now that anything has been forgotten.

I actually wrote many of these packages on my website (www.randalldean.com). You can go to the site and click on the FREE PDA Memo Pad Downloads link. You will find a list of the packages I have mentioned and a note detailing my daily routine for information overload and my weekly update process to maintain the quality of time management / organization. I suggest you visit this site today for free downloads.

Now you can feel good at well-organized business or personal travel, significantly reduced stress levels. Perhaps your travels can really enjoy the stress and the discomfort of forgotten objects.

Source by Randall Dean

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