Time travel theory – time travel possible?

Is Time Travel Possible? The problem of time travel is the & # 39; Time Travel Paradox & # 39; which is something like that. Suppose a person travels back in time before birth and interrupts the connection in the time chain that led to the birth of the traveler. This problem was often revealed by asking the following question: What happens if you killed your grandmother before you first started? (Why don't we express the travel paradox in killing our own mother, I'm not sure, but that's not). If he kills your grandmother, he wouldn't be born. If you were not born then you can't go into the past, in this case you didn't kill your grandmother. If you didn't travel back in time to kill your grandmother, you would have been born to go back to the past to kill your grandmother … with me?

The laws of physics allow time travel. Many physicists believe that there should be a barrier that would make time travel impossible.

Albert Einstein thought that time travel was a very separate opportunity. His idea was that the closer we get to the speed of light (186,000 miles per second), the more time it seems to slow us down, who is not moving. He called for the slowdown of time because of the dilation of motion time.

Einstein has given an example to show the effects of time dilation called a "twin paradox." The paradox basically claims to have two twins. One twin travels with the speed of light to a remote location while the other twin remains on the ground. The time for the twin traveled slowed down, while the time for the twin left on the ground remained constant. Returning, the twins were no longer of the same age. The twin paradox and the time dilation actually support the future of time travel.

The twin paradox theory was indeed proved in a 1971 experiment. This time we used two atomic clocks during the experiment, which started to read at exactly the same time. An hour was put on a jet that traveled around 600 mph around the world, while the other nucleus was stationary. When the jet landed, the hour around the world passed a few seconds later.

So what about time travel to the past? The basic features of quantum theory really allow time travel in the past, and the paradoxes raised by Einstein's theory of relativity are never created. The theory is that quantum objects divide their existence into several component waves, which follows a separate path over a spatial time. Quantum theory allows time travel because nothing hinders the travel of waves in time. If you travel back to time with quantum mechanics, you would only see events that were in harmony with the world that you left behind.

Time travel is an interesting theory the least. I leave this idea in time travel. If one day someone is knocking on the door and telling you that your distant relatives are yours, you should think twice before closing the door.

Source by Gregory Frazier

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