Thermal Mugs: Plastic Vs Stainless Steel

The floor plan of the thermal mugs, whether plastic or stainless steel, the same – double-walled insulation with lid for top seal. However, although stainless steel versions pay more than plastic versions, in the long run the best offer for travelers. They can also be made of ceramics or glass, but they are usually designed for household purposes, not because of the possibility of breaking

The main advantages of a stainless steel mug are durability and better insulation. Steel is tough, and although plastic mugs can bump, the steel mug can last a lot longer. This is especially true when compared to more fragile, harder plastic mugs that are sometimes used to display stylish designs. Although messy, dripping steel cups usually do not cause damage.

There are three basic types of insulation; air, foam or vacuum between the double walls. Plastic versions usually use air or foam. Both are acceptable, but air or foam is not as effective as vacuum insulation. Steel mugs often use vacuum insulation that keeps drinks warm for a long time. This may be especially important for long (and cold!) Morning hours.

In addition to the two primary advantages, there are some other advantages that stainless steel heat mugs compared to plastic mugs. It is harder to clean the slightly softer plastic. You can use hard cleaners (make sure they are not toxic!) On the steel, but the same cleaners will clean and damage the plastic. For the same reason, plastic mugs keep the taste of the drinks in it. This is not really a problem if you drink regular generic coffee every day, but if you use a different beverage mug,

If you examine all the factors, durability, easy cleaning, effective insulation and better taste, the stainless steel heat gun is by far the best choice, even if it can be a little more expensive. The only real advantage of plastic mugs is the lower price in the short run (which can be a big advantage if you often lose the mug!) And that are slightly lighter than stainless steel mugs.

Source by Felix J. Sheffield

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