The most popular destinations in India

The daily grind of life pays for everyone. And they all despise this common humanity and are constantly thinking of how to overcome this great misery.

All of us are about fun; some prefer the silence of the mountains, and some have nothing better than a lonely week in abandoned beaches and towns. And there are those whom the adventure spirit dictates.

Our beautiful country offers a lot of cracks and opportunities, it is completely welcoming for tourists; from vagabonds and families, from hippies to adventurous fans. The Himalayas of the sky-kissing, the rainforests, the deserts to the boundless coastlines, India offers everything for those looking for it. Why not take the best advantage of this opportunity?

Today we look at the most popular Indian adventures:

1. Bird Billing, Himachal Pradesh (paragliding): The billing paradise for paragliding lovers. It's never been so beautiful in Dhauladhar province, billing is the best Asian destination for paragliding. It also distinguishes the first paragliding competition every year.

Apart from Paragliding, horseback riding, kite flying, hiking and camping are also possible. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand: Although Rishikesh is a respectable sacred destination, it is also the best adventure travel in India, simply because of the mere diversity of adventurous sports. The magnet for adventure junkies, Rishikesh is visited by white water rafting, rock climbing, river camping, rappelling, rock climbing and bungee jumping. India has the highest bungee jumping pod with a height of 83 meters. 3. Manali, Himachal Pradesh: Another outstanding destination is Himachal Pradesh, Manali is a wonderful mountain station that is ideal for nature lovers and adventurers. Apart from the usual adventure activities, such as hiking and camping, Manali is one of the best mountain biking trails. Meghalaya: Although it is not so common with the remainder of the sport, the cave is as exciting as other sports listed, if not less. The Meghalaya is home to many caves, all nestled between the waterfalls of the green forest paths

. Auli, Uttarakhand: High altitude and untouched beauty make Auli one of the best skiing destinations in India. Auli is located in the higher layers of Garhwal and is about 250 km from Rishikesh.

6. Goa: In India, the party's capital, Goa is one of the world's most recognized seaside destinations. Do not tell me you were Goa and did not participate in any of the water sports. It offers water sports such as jet-ski, parasailing and the newly launched flyboard.

7. Mysore, Karnataka: Mysore is the only place in India where a skydive can be chosen. However, you can not afford to dive alone, an instructor will accompany you.

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