The Evolution of Betta Splendens

Bettas has colors that no longer existed when they first found the fowl. They believe that at least since the 1300s, during the Sukhothai period, the people of Samara or Thailand, as they have known today, were in any case interested in the aggressive nature of these fish and often used their combat ability.

It is thought that young children are the first to recognize the natural aggressiveness of these small fish during mating and area protection, especially as a male of species. It did not last long for the kids to turn it into a sport. The boys catch these wildlife and fight with friendly fish. As the fighting of fish became popular among young generations, the elders saw them.

Soon, the change of the Betta in Siam and the surrounding countries has become very popular, people have started developing fish skills and also began to collect women to enhance their skills for stronger and better stamina. The original Betta Splendens (though not yet named) are short and duller than today. Rather, they compared the Betta Imbellis wild cousin.

As sport has become popular, Royalty has taken part in these small fighting fish. Betta's battles have been recognized as part of the reputation of the family and many have lost their family fortune to the outcome of their deaths, soon the state took over and started fighting for it.

1840- It is believed that the king of Siam has given a gift to some Bangor Theodore Cantor doctor. Cantor, with such confidence, was impressed by these little fishes and studied them many years later. [18] In 1849 Dr. T. Cantor worked on an article and described them as Macropodus Pugnax. Unfortunately, this name has already been used to describe another species in the Betta family, as Charles Tate Regan, the British ichthyologist points out, researched Dr. Cantor's article 50 years after the original release. Regan then transformed the new classification into Betta Splendens.

These were very clear at an early age, but as they began to appear in North America and Europe, they began to differentiate themselves with the original wild forms. The belts are getting longer and their colors become ever brighter

Thanks to the great behavior and personality of these small Betta fighting fishes, they have now become popular over the years, Fighting. Betta Splendens comes in all colors of the rainbow, and new color variations are constantly being created by breeders. These fish have even bigger forms

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