Thailand's Fruits

It's said that Thailand is a true paradise for fruit lovers and you can find incredible amounts of fruit throughout Thailand. Thailand is abundant in fruits and is one of the country's most important sources of income. Many fruits can be easily found in many fruit shops, supermarkets and marketplaces. The fruits available here are much cheaper than other countries. Sometimes its fruit-selling guests will eventually offer tourists the fruits of their taste free of charge. This practice is more common on the coast, where tourists spend most of their holiday.

Traditionally, the Thai people finish a meal with fruit. Sweeter Thai desserts can be eaten between meals. The Thai breakfast consists of fresh fruits and traditional sweets. In addition to eating delicious and healthy fresh fruits after a Thai meal, it is a sure way to lose weight after spicy Thai meals.

In Thailand, fruit is usually sweet, including those that are presumably sour. One of the best fruit producing places in Thailand is Phuket Island. It's about pineapple. The ananas grown in Thailand are famous and especially sweet and crispy. They are also a major export product. Fruits such as Rambutan, Banana, Papaya, Durian, Guava and Mangoes are also grown in Thailand. Recently, many moderate fruits such as apples, strawberries and peaches have been successfully grown in the mountains of Thailand. Farmers are always cultivating more and more fruit with new methods of cultivation. This will ensure that Thailand never suffers fruit at any time of the year.

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