Thai wildflowers

Thanks to the recent Thai government and the great interest of the Thai royal family, the Thai flora is now gaining more land. From the slash and firing method of farming, which has left the desolation and endlessness of agricultural land in a more environmentally friendly approach to farming practices, Thailand has certainly gone a long way in safeguarding domestic wildflowers.

Vegetation and indeed Thailand's wildflowers can be divided into two main subgroups of the tropical forest. These are the Monsoon forests and the other for rainforests. Thailand occupies more than a quarter of the woody land, no wonder you can see the world's most beautiful wildflowers.

Undeniable is what the national floral logo is from Thailand. Some say it's the Golden Shower Tree. This can be cultivated everywhere in Thailand and often see roads to villages everywhere. This plant was selected because of gilt clustered flowers. The color of yellow or saffron represents the Buddha, providing a storage space in the heart of the Thai population. Other native plants include the Bat plant, also known as vicious flower. It looks like a flying bat, and a purple-black flower blooms at the end of summer. The Frangipane is also called Lantom in Thailand. This is one of the most beautiful fragrances, which is more pronounced at night.

The other floral symbol that often fights for the title is the orchid. Thailand is the largest variety and the number of orchids than anywhere else in Asia. Flowering mainly in Thailand in winter, is the best time to witness these beautiful flowers in January. They can live without soil and live in one of the driest parts of Thailand.

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