South America's Travel Experiences

Brazilian beaches are a lot of people popular in the South American highlights. The huge number of amazing beautiful resorts, each with its own unique charm, is astonishing and overwhelmed. Lencois National Park is located in the north-east of Brazil, just east of Sao Luiz, one of Brazil's most spectacular undeveloped beaches – huge empty beaches supported by glittering sand dunes, They run for 200 km. For those looking for a more sophisticated resort, there are a number of tiny, chic options in Brazil – just Jericoacoara, Pipa, Florianopolis, Morro do Sao Paulo and Fernando de Noronha.

Brazil is huge in size and inside some of the world's best wildlife viewing. The Pantanal wetlands are the best choice for a visit to the animals – you can see a large number of birds and bigger wildlife such as crocodiles, anachondas and even elusive jaguars if you are lucky.

The Brazilian Amazon jungle is also an amazing experience. Turning to the voice of the monkeys, which shouts outside her house, it is quite blurry, but very memorable. There are wild animals that can be seen in the Amazon, but the visit is more about the magical experience of the rain forest.

The Iguassu Falls are on the brink of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Much of this is South America's No. 1 travel highlight. The roaring waterfalls are really terrible – visit the most spectacular outlook in the rainy season. Nearby Argentina has good bird watching and jungle receptions.

Torres del Paine National Park South Chile is the best hiking destination in South America. The spectacular granite peaks and the desert of the beautiful lakes will be amazed by every visitor and there are some fantastic seven long hiking opportunities. Torres del Paine is distant – 5 hours from the nearest airport in Punta Arenas, but certainly one of the most beautiful landscapes in South America.

Chile Atacama desert is beautiful. The volcanoes originate from a landscape that is barren, geographically, geographically and salty. There are wonderful pre-Inca fortifications and excavated stone-town settlements that impress visitors.

South America's most visited tourist attraction is the ruins of Inka Machu Picchu. The place in the Andes is very spectacular, just like the ruins themselves. Adventurous travelers prefer to travel to Machu Picchu through the Inca Trail, a legendary 4-day mountain hiking trail, rainforest and Inca places to the ruins of Machu Picchu.

Ecuador Galapagos is an expensive but many people's first choice for a South American trip. Darwin was so admired by natural biodiversity that he was intensively studying fauna – here was the theory of evolution. The amount of wildlife in the Galapagos Islands is quite astonishing: sea lions, penguins, seals, sharks, whales, turtles, turtles and a huge range of birdlife. As for the Galapagos Islands, it is so special that wildlife is not afraid of people – animals treat visitors as if they were just another animal, interested in them. There are many concerns about the irretrievable damage to the Galapagos Islands – if you are visiting, check the travel agent's responsible travel agent.

In South America, the most beautiful and romantic colonial city is located in Cartagena, Colombia. The fact that the city still does not exceed the tourists simply adds its charm. Cartagena is far from Colombian trouble spots and has long been a safe city to visit. Many cruise ships are now a regular port. While the beaches of the cities are fairly unclean and hectic, the nearby Rosario Islands offer a perfect beach retreat.

Some of South America's most spectacular beautiful beaches are located in Park Tayrona. The landscape can be described as an empty tropical beach paradise full of beautiful coves and coves. The fact that there is only one hotel (though with many campsites) keeps the tourist holes away – in Park Tayrona you can experience a paradise without seeing the soul of the whole day.

Many people travel to Venezuela for only one reason – to visit the Angel Falls. At 979 meters altitude, the Angel Falls is the world's highest waterfall. Flying in the fall is a rather spectacular experience, or alternatively, kayak trips can be arranged to stay nearby. The landscape of the nearby Canaima National Park is also quite beautiful – the last movie of Mohicans was shot.

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