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Social media. Not so terrible distraction today? It's a very effective tool for people to talk to friends, family members, and even strangers from around the world in real time, but it's a tremendous time. This is also one of the biggest distractions we face today. Not all of us have this feeling in our hearts or in our hands, that when we have our free time with our fifth time, we tend to check our phone and check for status updates, right? Maybe Facebook. Maybe Twitter for everyone. It is different for everyone, but usually very often, we often look at our phones and social networks.

If this is the case, just turn off notifications on your phone. Turn it off completely. Release the phone notification and believe me nothing changes, nothing will happen if you limit your social media activities. Especially those activities that only search for and love things created by other people and comment and share. Keep in mind that I'm not talking about social media activities and not restricting social media activities when you are creative.

For example, writing a blog post on Facebook or an inspirational idea on Twitter. If this is the way you chose, Facebook and Twitter are your business and you create something. I mean, the opposite is when you react. If you like, scroll through other people's profile data. You just love the pictures, sometimes the videos. This is not a creative activity. It doesn't create value for social media surfing, so I suggest limiting this to Facebook and Twitter, as well as other social media outages. You will not believe how much time we will save during the day.

Believe me, people, you won't neglect to do that. You will actually feel the opposite. You feel very relaxed when you limit social media activities, distraction, because we usually participate in social media if this fear is missing, FOMO. He's afraid to skip. Something that is very, very exciting, and I'm sitting here and skipping. So I have to look at my phone if it's okay when things are on top, if my friends like me are like that. Or how do I make my posts on Facebook. Are they receiving lots of love, stock or comments? I'll see you, right?

It's confusing because it doesn't create value at all. When you create and publish in social media, it's different. You work with your business, your blogging projects, and contribute to the success of your blogging activities, but when you check things in response to things that are afraid of the shortage, it's a simple distraction. A simple distraction that we can easily remove if we choose. Turning off notifications and cleaning your phone is not very complicated.

Source by Vidas Pinkevicius

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