Sandy beaches and stunning resorts in Qatar

Forbes says the state of Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world. Qatar reflects Arab development statistics, which is responsible for discovering the country's natural gas and oil reserves. Spectacular beautiful commercial areas are complemented by wonderful beaches, which is a pleasant surprise as most of the area was covered by a desert area. The beauty of Qatar lies in the balance between the dazzling trade of the city, the natural beauty that was nourished with great care. Located on the west side of the Persian Gulf, Qatar is a 560-kilometer long beach with various beaches. Along with the huge expanses of deserts, Qatar is filled with white sandy beaches, which have been created as a result of strict cleanliness rules.

One of the best and most popular beaches in Qatar is Al Ghariya Beach. The beach, 80 kilometers from Doha, was once a desert camp. It is an ideal campsite for families as it is fully equipped with all the amenities you need. Quick shallow water, clean seaside resort and clean water on the clean beach; what else would you like for a family beach.

Dukhan beach is also popular with an interesting story. It was the center of the onshore oil industry and was used as an aircraft in the early 20th century. The prosperous beach is now Dukhan with clean water, secluded environment and sandy beach. Another beach, which is rather isolated and unreadable, is the Fuwairit Beach, which is made up of strangely eroded rocks, which represent a great photo. These rocks are popularly similar to the Gruyere cheese form. Boulders made of rocks pass through small berths, ideal for picnics. It is a good place to dive and enjoy the waters of the Maroona Beach or the "French Beach" and the "42km Beach", sand is not ideal for tents to move because it will be very soft but it will not hinder tourists, to relax, especially for young people.

There are many caribbean beaches insulated, but there are abundant activities that can make young people attractive to those who enjoy themselves well. The best bet for a group of young people is the leasing of various luxury cars offered by Qatar carmakers. Relax, sunbathe, or jazz or sandy skiing, making travel more enjoyable and comfortable with luxury car rentals. Families, couples and especially young people can enjoy a lifetime experience in Qatar.

Source by Sunil Singh Yadav

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