San Diego Wildlife Park

If you're on a San Diego tour, consider Wildlife Park's visit. This park is located 34 miles north of San Diego, outside Escondido. The 1,800-acre park contains about 3,500 animals, consisting of 429 different species. This is truly a remarkable park you do not want to miss in San Diego.

The uniqueness of the San Diego Wildlife Park is that animals can freely dispose of this huge house. They live in the same way as their natural habitat. In the park, Jews, antelope, rhinoceros, endangered California condors can be found, among other things, with the amazement of the mature landscape, surrounded by exotic vegetation from many parts of the world.

The San Diego Wild Animal Park The 5 mile Wgasa Bush line railway. This is a 60-minute train (included in the entry price). The single-lane route leads to areas designated for East Africa, South Africa, Asian plains and the Eurasian watercourse. As you crossed these landscapes, you will see animals like the white rhinoceros and the rhinoceros that fascinate you.

After a one-legged bike, you will want to take a walk. Take a 2 Kilometers Kilimanjaro Safari Walk to experience the re-created African and Asian landscapes. In the park you can experience a number of simulated natural environments such as Australian rainforest and hidden jungle. You can visit the new Lion Camp and the Cheetah Run Safari. With Cheetah Run Safari, you can see the world's fastest land mammal in action while doing a mechanical bait.

If you want to look closely at animals, Photo Caravans that use an open-top truck for small parkers around the park. You will go to the palm of the animal, which meets the rhinoceros, ostriches, zebra, deer and greens. Maybe the only way to feed the giants is to travel.

In Nairobi, he finishes his daily tour. It is the park's commercial center, where most facilities are located. Many stores deal with African books and souvenirs. There is a nursery where the irresistible young people are invisible, empty and sleep. Finally, if you do not want to go back to San Diego for your sleep, you can sleep the animals! Not exactly. There is a Roar & Snore program running every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from April to October. This program allows you to camp at animal testing. From the campsite you can observe the nightlife of the rhinoceros, lions and other animals. If you're excited about the program, look at the park. Otherwise, go back to San Diego and have a good night's rest.

There are many visitors in the park during the summer. It is therefore advisable to visit it earlier. On the other hand, there are usually fewer visitors during the winter. The temperature is generally 5 to 10 degrees warmer than in San Diego. Bring your sunscreen and plenty of water like summer in California can be a bit of a scorcher. So be prepared for the warm weather and the day.

San Diego Wild Animal Park is one of the three big animal parks and the "Big Four" in San Diego. Visit the park is one of the outdoor activities of your route planning. Design Today San Diego Travel Date.

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