Creates all existing existence of the goal. Existing things exist because of the purpose. The goal has to be achieved and things are built up to exist as a means through which the goals are met without intent without anything. They've built everything for the purpose of keeping it in mind, which means that the goal is doing things we see possible. This is a rather compelling understanding because we understand that we are fully aware of why things are different because it does not look like an airplane, because the purpose differed between the two, which created a striking difference in the invention


Watching life without experiencing the goals is one of the most disturbing points of view. We have a troubled life when we refuse to discover our purpose, denying ourselves the opportunity to live a life that is full of what only us. There is a service of a goal in the service of the goal that we really live in, and so we do not know that we live without existence. Anything outside its purpose, itself and others becomes useless as a shoe, if it is outside its purpose, it will be useless, useless because its potential is not used and its purpose is by no means necessary. We have all been created differently, because we need a different purpose and so our potential is different. We are unique.


There is an apparent struggle seen by those eyes who desperately seek after their knowledge. In a sense, some people landed in the search plane, put down the fire that was burning to hit. At this stage of life, not all of the woods that come out with the revelation of their purpose. We have the same look as people, which makes it difficult to discover our purpose. A car and a phone, the purpose is deterrent because we see the difference between them and we understand that our unique goal makes us different, but looks from the outside, looking the same way, and that left us in the fight, which is a lot to die without achieving their goal.


It is imperative that we quickly reach the destination to make our life more complete. Knowing your purpose is a solution to the confusion you encounter in your life, the mirror you meet in your place, and the answer to why they say it's unique.

The first step is, Creator. The object of the invention is in the mind of the inventor, so if you do not see the purpose of the thing, ask the person who did it. It is therefore compulsory to go to God who has created us to find our goal. Finding the face of God is the discovery of the object, and so the inventors' mind is to find their purpose. If you are able to keep God in your mind when you look awfully at him, he will reveal your purpose. The second step is a form of self-analysis. Watch yourself inside to see how they differ from others because differences are yours, so the moment you look at how different you are, you open your eyes to discover your goal. This leads to the idea that the goal of your true identity is that you are, not the similarities with others but the differences, so when we try to integrate with others, we prevent the discovery of who we are and deny ourselves the knowledge of our purpose. Those who really know that they behave differently, and if they do not intentionally live, they can easily recognize it. They are the Most Productive, Effective and Effective Units of the World

Discovering the purpose of knowing who you are. This gives your life sense and sense of responsibility, mission and vision. It is desirable to live the one who wants to fulfill the man.

Source by Michael Ajayi

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