Preparing for Ideas – Four Easy Steps to Make Your Own Jams

Follow these four steps for almost any blur

  1. Choose your fruit. Wash and crush
  2. Boil the fruit in a small, simple water until soft
  3. If you are soft and boiled, add sugar and pectin, mix. Then add lemon juice or cream to tartar
  4. Fast boil to 104 ° C (220 ° F) and ready. (Approximately 20 minutes)

What's the difference between jams and jelly? The jam is a large piece of fruit or thick fruit purée, which is "scorched with sugar". Gel is a pure fruit juice that was shaken with sugar

Why is jam?

If the fruit is boiled with water, it crashes and all the pectin is released in the fruit. When sugar and acid (such as lemon juice) are cooked with fruit, it reacts with pectin in the fruit. Most of the fruit is naturally high in pectin. If you use fruits without many natural pectins, you must add apple seed, orange peel or pectin extract to get the same results. Why did the drop stone come out?

Stomach (not at 104-105 ° C). There is not enough pectin, not enough acid or not enough sugar.

Why is mine too thick?

Overdose or too much pectin

What container do I need?

Larger right. Use a wide bottom dish with a deep bottom that has a uniform heat distribution [4] The four things you need for jam

  1. Fruit
  2. Sugar
  3. Pectin
  4. Acid

About fruit

Some fruits contain many pectins and can easily be scraped. Pectin is a natural substance. Apples and citrus fruits are very high in pectin. If your fruit has many pectins, you do not need to give extra pectin. If the fruits use low pectin, add the pectin powder or add a large pectin fruit such as apple, apple seed or citrus fruit.


The jam is great with sugar. Expected average 50% fruit and 50% sugar volume. Sugar and acid retain the fruit and texture. There is a possibility of low sugar jam and sugar-free jam. Make a Google search on these recipes

About pectin

Pectin is a natural "polysaccharide". When cooked with sugar and acidic lemon juice, it forms a "gel". Many fruits contain many natural pectins. The fruit has more pectin when it is mature and less when fully matured. The powdered pectin extract is commercially available. These are: orange and lemon peel or apple seed Acid

Lemon juice, lime juice or tartaric acid (tartaric acid) are the usual options. Pectin must be cooked with sugar and acid to form a jute or gel.

Quick List of High Pectin Fruits:

  • Orange skin, lemon peel, grapefruit skin, lime skin
  • Raspberry, gooseberry, blackberry, blueberry
  • Apple, Grapes, Plum

When using high pectin fruits, no pectin is required. Of course it's enough.

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