People in the past – how do they affect them?

Understanding the past life can help clear the heavy emotional disturbances in this life. However, it is not necessary to believe in people in the past to take advantage of this healing approach, and I often tell my doubtful customers that they see it as a symbolic healing tool. Last Life is the concept, soul, the essence of the soul, and this soul can at different times reincarnate into the worlds where each incarnation is chosen to offer a soul to a given blue exchange of experiences, specifically to the soul for a particular life choices.

We lived in each of our lives, played a different character, and all the experience that every life had to offer. However, past lives are beginning to influence their lives when trauma or emotions are unclear in that lifetime. A more traditional way of looking at this, the so-called karma where an unresolved aspect of life affects other lives, strives for balance and solution.

What does this mean, because all our activities are looking for a solution, no matter how life-time has done the action. This means we can never avoid our problems, but we will postpone them for another lifetime.

"The question must be handled in the initial lifetime"

If you have a question that arises from the past it is frustratingly difficult to explain because logically we are trying to solve the question as if it were a lifetime, so we would not deal with its source, that is, in its own life. This is a great example of Dr. Brian Weiss's book "Many Lives, Many Masters", where he supposedly worked for a patient for 2 years as a traditional psychotherapist and did little to achieve. One day his patient spontaneously regained his last life, allowing him to begin the healing process and open Dr. Brian's awareness of past remedies.

Examples of my work.

The customer was in constant contact with his male partners. The meeting revealed that she had been in her previous life and left her. His soul felt guilty about this, and his partner insisted on life because he was afraid to leave him again as in his previous life. In their life together, she still sought to be loved and acknowledged to her son. When we released her guilty feelings, she offered her love and recognition to her son deeply, she spoke frankly from her heart to her son and told her that even when she left she was still a mum; great peace descended upon him. Later, he wrote to tell me that his relationships were dramatically improving, they seemed to give more space and respect to each other. "Unresolved Past Issues Rebuild"

I have stated that past life issues are often re-established in this life and offer a new opportunity to us to clarify them. Here's an example of re-establishing a past life.

In Thailand, there were so fierce, logical fears that had insisted on renewing the Thai visa for years. At a meeting, it turned out that there was a past life where he was taken with violence from a country he loved and could never return. When we put an end to the pain that we removed from a country we loved and the country's lack of feelings, the fears have disappeared, which must be removed violently from Thailand.

What I've seen is how easy it is to deal with these issues with dealing with the right lifetime. The emotions experienced during his life are very real to man as they are released during the session, even if their minds do not understand. Even clients who do not believe in their past lives said that they felt much better after the session and somehow they put the issues they faced today confronted with the past life view.

Our Serious Problems are Miracles of Past Conflicts with Today's Distortions "The very big problems that we are faced with are often a mixture of today's own distortions and therefore we demand that we "go deeper" and not only connect to unresolved emotions that arise in life, but also to the past life in order to really make it clear. If you experience no logical negative feelings or problems , one of the possible solutions is to question whether they relate to problems related to the past life. Take a sincere moment to ask ourselves whether this question is related to a past life. Listen to how your body behaves, how to react to it Intuition While intuition is extremely useful, there are obvious signs to which they are curious when they try to find out whether a question is related to past life. It is a strong sign, if our question is not clarified despite all our tried and tested practices. Another indicator, when we projected, quoting such strong negative emotions that frustrates all logical understanding. There is also another sign when we experience negative emotions that seem to be completely independent of our present life; they just seem to get out of nowhere. Clarification of your own past problems is by itself another article, but search on the Internet can reveal meditations to clarify past lives and other techniques such as myself

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