Most important ways to advertise on the blog

A few years ago blogging about life, ideas, and almost daily agenda. From now on, blogging is everywhere, and with WordPress's massive growth, blogging has become a very legitimate business. Most individuals who earn money by blogging build their own brands and sell their own products and advertising space. Let's look at the details in a number of different ways to generate ads and generate revenue from your blog.

1- Affiliate Marketing

One of the quickest and easiest ways to start earning money with your blog, running bids through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a type of lead manufacturing company where you can look for compensation if someone clicks on the recommended link and takes action. An excellent example of this is to mention a book on my blog and then link to via an affiliate link. If you click this link and order the book from Amazon, you would earn a commission somewhere in the range of 5-15%. is just one example of affiliate marketing, though there is really no limit to how many companies use this type of marketing method. You do not always have to sell a commission. Many websites pay commission for a simple newsletter subscription, free registrations, downloads, and contests. The most important factor when choosing an affiliate program for your blog is to find something relevant.

2 – Banner Ad Placement Networks

If you are not able to directly contact advertisers and do not want to handle billing issues, you can always refer to banner ad networks such as and These sites contain full list of marketplaces, where advertisers can buy traffic from the blogs listed on the market. The advertising company provides all tracking, payment, and ad serving. Generally, a 20-30% commission is available to the ad network to place all sales on your site in exchange for back-tracking and advertisers.

3 – Direct ad sales

An advanced blogger can directly contact web sites and blogs to advertise on your site. In this case, they are searching for 100% of the spend on ads, but they must search for advertisers, keep track of them, and secure payment. Direct ad delivery is a great option if you have a big and well-proven blog where most advertisers are constantly renewing or paying for a few months in advance.

4 – Releasing Your Own Product

A well-established blog and loyal tracking is an amazing achievement that can be achieved. Once that's done, you've already built a brand and people follow what you have to say. You can say that you can use your own product or eBook to use your own field of expertise. He has spent many bloggers hobbies on a full-time basis, publishing their own information products.

This is just a few of the methods that worked well in the blogging industry. Keep testing the various methods and find winner results.

Source by Brandon H Johnston

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