Langkawi Introduction to Langkawi – Malaysia's Most Popular Holiday Destination

Langkawi is located in Kedah, and is a green and tropical island that countless travelers go to Malaysia year after year. If Kuala Lumpur is famous for its wonderful city atmosphere, business centers and never-ending, vibrant nightlife … it's completely different in Langkawi, which is more known for its stunning beaches, tropical rainforests and five-star relaxation

Visitors to Langkawi often pamper themselves, relax around the island's many world-class beaches and enjoy the rich Malay food and hospitality that are synonymous with resorts in Langkawi. If you come here for a vacation, you probably will not want to leave.

Since Langkawi is a separate island in Kuala Lumpur, most Langkawi vacationers are willing to fly, mainly from Kuala Lumpur. Behind the spectacular beaches and the jungle (some of which are quite spectacular) Langkawi is known to be a duty-free island. This means that if you stay here, there is a very wonderful bargain or two inexpensive – even if you are doing both Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi, it is advised that most of Langkawi's purchases are the same as 50% of souvenirs and handicrafts – fewer.

There are a few cities that most tourists visit Langkawi-Kuah (the island town) and Pantai Cenang (a bustling town with tiny markets and jammed as far as your eyes are visible). Most of the tools, such as money changers and banks, are usually located in Kuah, although the Golden Eagle is not much of a concern to Malaysia's visitor. In addition, remarkable beauty and nature attract tourists to Langkawi every year.

The Ten Best Langkawi Experience

– Stay in one of the glorious five-star Malaysian resorts such as Andaman or Datai and treat it as a celebrity.

– Make some breathtaking scenery from the Langkawi Cable TV experience.

– Treat yourself to one of the many impressive spas in one of the many five-star spa experiences on the island.

– Examine the life of Malay for the first time as you walk around the cities of Kuah and Pantai Cenang, watch the locals' barter in the night markets and hire a couple of bargains for you.

– Stop for a cocktail and a relaxing meal at Telaga Harbor Park.

– Enjoy the island's leisurely journey and experience the variety and culture of the Malaysian life.

– Take a mangrove tour and dive through the ancient jungles and rivers – walk the bats and crocodile caves.

– Look at the crocodile exhibition and look at these wonderful beings feeding.

– Take a look at some of the wonderful marine creatures that are found in South East Asia and visit the Pantai Cenang Aquarium.

– Relax on one of the stunning beaches, located anywhere in the world.

Whether you are a sophisticated traveler or just looking for a backpack in paradise, you will definitely find what you are looking for in Langkawi. This is the ultimate Southeast Asian experience.

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