Just to the Music Festival? 7 tips to meet new people while traveling alone

Are you a free spirit who wants to branch out and travel alright, but you fear to do it alone? Do you notice awesome travel ideas for your friends to tell you how they broke up? 19459002

I've been there before and I'm here to tell you that you can wait for a lifetime with your friends to get a financial house to travel with you. Do not stop holding back for friends with tax challenges. You are alone and can spend wonderful time.

You will meet some new people in New Orleans or meet with people who go to the festival and meet, traveling alone does not have what it means to be alone.

Here are the 7 secrets that work for any concert or music festival alone if you prefer the company:

Stay In Good Location

Located near the Ernest Morial Convention Center, this hotel is the safest and easiest betting option for people to meet. It's very close to the hot spots near the French Quarter, the Superdome, and you do not have to pay crazy taxi fees or rent a car that comes from a place like Metairie

Get to know The Internet

There are many free online communities where you can contact other individual travelers. There are many wonderful people you can contact and meet after all of you are in New Orleans. You do not even have to have a meeting. Call a group of people. If you are fitness, create a meeting and have a "workout in the park" event at Woldenberg Park or find 10 people for lunch. They will meet with people who share their interest and have a new companion on the weekend.

Meet the Plane

Find a conversation with those who are waiting at the airport terminal and need to find someone who goes to the Festival. If you find that this person does not fit your personality, he will politely forgive himself. If you sit next to a person on the machine, you'll be stuck for a few hours, so you just get out of position and move on.

Meet the hotel

Many people are waiting for you at your check-in. If you are queuing in conversation if you dig the person's energy, then accept it later. Replace mobile phone numbers or email addresses.

Meet in a lounge or restaurant

If you spy on a person who has lunch or a drink on its own, ask him if you want to join him. Discuss what actions you are both interested in seeing and if you plan for free (and not so free) mid-day parties. You can meet together!

Meet an Empowerment Seminar

I like the Empowerment Seminars for several reasons, but here are two:

1) Freely Free Seldom Never Bad

2) Offer wonderful opportunities to share ideas and meet great people.

Have your voice and idea heard during the Empowerment Seminars. You can offer a new perspective in the room you have never taken into account. To meet someone at the Empowerment Seminar will let you talk.


You can not expect to meet new friends anywhere if you stick to them. Smiles are infectious and increase the energy level. Smiling makes your face youthful and gives pleasure, which attracts more positive people.

There is a topic here in all these tips, do you know what they mean? Did you notice it yet? All these tips require communication. Forget all you taught when you were younger, talk to strangers. Will Rogers said the best: "The alien is just a friend you have not met." So go there and meet some new friends, find a new travel friend for life.

Source by Brandi Naima Moore

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