Is it possible to determine if my husband is more likely to help me recognize a girl or a boy's bones?

Sometimes I hear women who are just married (or seriously dating a man) and are trying to help the baby's sex, this man can help them. Some people like this desire are small or stupid. But I understand this willingness. Many women have dreamed of the child to live their whole life. And many are already married and committed to the relationship, no matter what their future may be. So, though they are curious about the sexes they are likely to produce, they are not like ending the relationship if they do not get the gender they want.

said, "Six months ago I was married, in a few months we want to start a baby, I have the heart to have a baby, there is some test you can make sure you can imagine a girl, or to tell which sex to imagine? "This woman is happy to know that if a person is injured or ill, the health worker claims that equal amounts of Y perm (which produces boys) and X sperm (which are girls produce). This is a factor that ensures that the birth rate is nearly the same. He was delighted to hear this, but he was a little disappointed that he could not make any diagnostic tests that would tell him what he could not do in the future. there is a test you can do, but it will test the woman, not the man. You can try your mother's PH. A much happier woman says she has a greater chance of being a female baby, because the same acidity is scared off the sperm Y. The test is simply done at home with a PH test. Generally, a diagram will show where the acid or alkali falls.

Many people mistakenly assume that if they are tested and found to be acidic, then there will definitely be a girl without a question. Or suppose that an alkaline reading means a boy. No. It only means that there is a vaginal environment that promotes one sperm over another. Your husband, partner or friend is likely to place equal amounts of Y-X sperm. But your vaginal environment can deter these sperm. Still, it is likely that both X and Y remain, regardless of the vaginal environment. Therefore, it is important that more than one thing affects your child's sex. 19459003

The timing of ovulation (for a girl) or after (boy) is another way to deter sperm, I do not want to hang and fight for eggs. In addition, the sexual positions you use are classical or friendly. All three things are important because they all help to prevent or get rid of unwanted sperm, so the more sperm you want (in this case, the X or the girl's sperm) is the best chance of getting the first egg and then generating the gender , which you want.

So, to answer the question asked while a doctor can definitely examine your husband's sperm count and overall health, most men both produce both the same number of sperm. However, female PH testing can tell her if her vaginal environment is more or less friendly to her sperm. If this woman has examined and found that alkaline (which is more friendly with boys' sperm), she can change her diet or try douching to become more alkaline. And even before ovulation, it is conceivable and can use the correct sexual positions.

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