Imperial Agent Class Review

Imperial Agent Class is the Empire Spy who secretly and slyly invades hostile lines and subtracts their targets or reconstructs valuable information. This class is very versatile, as you can spe close up on dps, long range dps or healing. The Imperial Agent has a high quality armor that protects while allowing fast movements. They use Blaster Rifles, Energy Blades and Sniper Rifles if they are spec. The Imperial Agent's initial capabilities are as follows:

  • Rifle Shot-Fire 2 Shots
  • Shiv-Stab Target with Energy Damage Initial Damage and 3 Seconds Light Damage
  • Take the Deck – Evasion increase
  • Reds your health and energy for 15 seconds when the fight is not shot
  • Snipe-High shotgun shot. Can only be used when in the cover
  • Laser Target – Increases the target by 80% for 30 seconds. Use this weapon to cover up
  • [19459019] Agent class contains two development classes:

    Operative Operational Blaster Rifles and Energy Blade. You can choose the Half Shell to improve the unpleasant attack with stealth and close attacks. The other option is Medic, which focuses on healing and protecting the allies.

    Sniper The sniper has a sniper rifle and 2 skill trees. You can choose the Firing Distribution that will allow you to take a long distance away from the security of the lid. Another option is Engineering, which allows you to upgrade your droids and rehearsals to your weaker opponent.

    Both classes share the Lethality tree, which allows you to use poisons to defeat the opponent during combat.

    Each class of the SWTOR has 5 associates who help them in the elaboration, gathering and coming of missions.

    • Planet: Hutta

    • Role: Ranged DPS

    Armor: Medium

    [Archive] Grenade

    • Team Capabilities: +10 Armstech Efficiency, +2 Underworld Trading Critical

    • Weapon: Droid

    • Weapon: Dual Wield Guns


    • Planet: Belsavis

    • Role: Ranged Tank

    • Arms: Blaster Pistol, Shield Generator

    • Planet: Taris

    • Shield

    • Role: narrow tank

    • Armor: Light


    • Species: Male Human

    • Planet: Alderaan

    • Role: Melee DPS

    Weapon: Vibrostaff

    • Default Set: Ground Slam

    5 Bioanalysis Effectiveness, +5 Diplomacy Critical

    Species: Human Man

    • Planet: Quesh

    • Role: Ranged Healer

    Armor: Medium [19459009

    • Default set: Med Pack

    • Team Skills: +10 Arming Effectiveness, +2 Armormech Critical

    This is a quick SWTOR Imperial Agent Class Review, so you can decide that this is a bang it fits the style of the game.

    Source by C. Rosemond

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