How to pack light on the bus

Packing light does not suit everyone's needs, not every trip. Cruises always require more, although there, too, can be saved on luggage. Luxury tours, where you stay at four-star hotels and eat at Michelin's best-recommended restaurants, require a much more complete cabinet than a six-day bus tour through the Benelux.

The way of light packaging comes from personal experience, which I recorded in the guidebooks and other travelers. Some may also want to consider being extremist, but one thing I realized is how they pack and pack their personal decisions. I have read articles in magazines and books, and half of the caught things. On the other hand, I would do the same as I felt absolutely necessary. So with that in mind how I do it.

My finances are largely limited by travel. So I travel cheap. Staying alone, I stay in Bed and Breakfast facilities (B & Bs) when I find a clean spot where I want to be and this is the most time. Otherwise, I stay in cheap but clean hotels. Here, the guide books are indispensable, but you still have to look at the step. Areas and districts are changing, usually not better. I always wanted to stay in Quartier Latin in Paris. The last time I stayed in a different hotel than usual, one is recommended in a guide book. In the morning I headed to the front door with a cafe and water vision and my backpack over a shoulder. The next thing I know is someone seriously jerking my luggage. Fortunately, a rigid wand pushing her nose continued, and we both went on a separate journey. Since 1959, I was in the night in Quartier Latin for the first time. Indeed, this is the first real violence I've met in Europe in twenty years, and that was the time because I didn't know my environment. My first advice – no matter how safe, think you always, keep it for you always. You are foreigners abroad and have played a fair game for the uneducated.

Not the worst case scenario for light packaging. Traveling in Europe in the summer, do not need a heavy jacket. My personal choice is a quality, elegant, dark, windscreen that can suppress rain. This is the best thing I can wear and don't have to pack – that's my back. In spring or autumn I pack a light, dark cardigan under the windbreaker when the temperature drops.

I only buy a pair of pants, I wear them in the plane. I like a brand, Tillys, but not those that can be dismantled in shorts, called "European tourists", "Sucker" in any European language. There are many brands on the Internet and elsewhere. They must be washable, have a zippered pocket and be comfortable. If you need a headgear, seriously consider a Tilley hat. Look at one and you will understand why.

A pair of shoes I wear. I support a strong pair of Hush Puppies or Rockports, just as good and comfortable. Three or four short sleeves in the summer, long sleeves for the rest of the year. Wash again by hand, again dark colors are preferred. A dark fit tie, a material that will not be wrinkled when rounded. The trick with the dark colors simply means that if it was dirty, it was dark to start! If a shirt paints seriously, I'll throw it out, buy a new one. I'm not going to pack dirty T-shirts across Europe, so I can wash when I get home!

Plan to do some hand wash every two weeks or if possible. So you always get clean pants (three pairs), socks (three pairs) and shirts. A small, dense, liquid soap bottle is always a good idea. Get such a spring disc with a twenty foot thin rope that you can use to dry at night. When you go to the United Kingdom, consider packing a lightweight plastic or nylon raincoat (with a hood type) and folding it into a card structure. Do not carry a two-month toilet for two or three weeks. Replace with a store in any country and pick up what you need. You never know what you're going to find. In Cagliari, I've been taking a tube of toothpaste for years with the deepest taste I've ever encountered, not unpleasant, just like anything I've ever tried before or after.

I have to convince the man to shave at least every two weeks. Any electrical power can quickly increase weight and weight with voltage transformers, wall connectors, and so on. I used the usual razors and still at home, but one day I was in Geneva to shop for electric shavers in a shop. I got a battery-powered razor that can hold incredibly long (three weeks) on four AA batteries, not much bigger than a king sized cigarette. I've never seen them in North America, and I only use them on journeys.

I wear Moneybelt for obvious reasons, plus a plastic document pouch that consists of a clean thin strap around my neck in my shirt. I also cut back the photocopies of all the documents, including those contained in my ziplock bag. We always prefer the euro, but I loved a few hundred dollars in my money, always a good disadvantage. Otherwise, an ATM card and a credit card would like to buy an American Express card, although others prefer Visa.

Some people want a daily package, but I find them uncomfortable. However, I hold a small rollup nylon carrier in the backpack in an emergency. When talking about emergencies, always wear a small sewing kit. If you have a medicine, copy a recipe and try to get enough of the original pharmacy bottles during your journey. One last thing, put all the bottles in a ziplock bag when they start to leak, especially on board the aircraft.

And it is there. While I appreciate my list for men, it should be a useful guide for women. Of course, except for the razors a little!

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