How to create blogspot blogs: & # 39; Dofollow & # 39; and the difference between Dofollow and Nofollow links

Now if you are a web developer or similar, you will probably know what dofollow and nofollow links are. But for the layman I explain what dofollow / nofollow and how to change a blogspot blog to dofollow.

Well, then it does not technically exist. What is when a link is written can contain an attribute that is "& quot; rel = nofollow & # 39; This means that search engines will not define this link when ranking pages so they can not actually profit from the nofollow blog, because many will not click on the URL of the comment. Of course, a high-traffic, well-located nofollow link will search traffic, but this link does not matter to anything as the search engines see. The dofollow link is essentially one the & # 39; rel = nofollow property & # 39; This search engine is seeing and this link is counted when trying to rank your site in their index (I will talk about the importance of better / worse relationships and what In a series i say 39, ll, trust me then this next post!) So the dofollow blog comment is useful.

However, there are disadvantages of dofollo w link. If there are a lot of links to a page, the juice containing the link will be shared. I will discuss this on my next entry.

So how do I ask how blogspot blog comments should be done so that people can benefit from it?

  1. Go to Blogger Layout, then click " HTML Edit ".
  2. Check the box labeled " Widget Expand Templates " checkbox.
  3. Search with "NoFollow" word processor or other program. You find at least two in your template code.
  4. Uninstall "rel =" nofollow "& # 39;" from the "expr: href =" data from comment.authorUrl "
  5. The second nofollow applies to tracking URLs, which show links to the blog that are linked to the entry. attribute or not close it's up to you
  6. And this is happening! Blogspot's blog has not been made now and can be sent to search engines to get more traffic!

Thank you for reading

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