How do I create a YouTube video?

My article is about YouTube videos today, how to make them, why do we do them, and what to talk about them!

In the online store One of the ways to make videos is one of the marketing features we learn because it gives you personal touch and means that people watching videos can get to know you. You know that you just feel that you have a relationship or relationship with certain people, so by making videos you can see people of similar mind who are interested in what you want to say.


] A word we use is a "Vlog", which means a video blog. So, instead of just writing a blog post or article, you can create a video. Some of us are reluctant to write, so Vlog is a better alternative because it just says what you want instead of typing / writing.

What about YouTube?

Without a baby. 2 we decided that our 2 & 9 month old baby is a child tablet! You like to play with games like trains, cars and dinosaurs, but sometimes I think there are times when your crazy little kid will have to sit for a while.

We downloaded YouTube Kids on your tablet, Programs such as Paw Patrol, Thomas The Tank Engine and Andy Dinosaur Adventures, and I realized that people literally upload all kinds of stuff to YouTube! He has managed to meet random people, adults and children, playing the plastic Paw Patrol characters and Thomas & Friends trains etc! Videos will shoot as they play and come from all over the world, some speak in other languages ​​than English. Tommy really likes this type of video for real episodes, even if he can not understand the language!

So I realized that everyone has something! Maybe you think I would be interested in what I want to say, but the above shows that you are creating content that will be interesting to someone!

Think about what you care and how you can help or use with other people. You may think that you have no experience or knowledge that people can learn, but you are unique and no one else thinks or thinks about it. Do not try too hard or just describe what you think of others, just make your videos (and / or blogs) out of the heart and give them things. People are happy to be real and you alone.

Gary Vee, a great videoblogger, made a household name for himself, though it is a consistent and true self.

Here are some examples of what you can think of:

Reviews (wines, destinations, foods, electrical items, wheelchairs, etc.)

Inspiring / Motivating Quotes

Personal Issues and Their Solution

Practical and Healthy Tips

Recipes and cooking

Languages ​​and teaching sentences / words

How to record things like building units, unlocking a sink, etc.

Sports Techniques such as Soccer, Fishing Tips and more

This is just a few ideas, literally, the world is the oyster and you can talk anything and everything! Just make sure it's relevant for you to passion and experience / knowledge to show up. You are an expert in making you and the people trust the experts.

To sign up for Google-owned YouTube, simply use or set up your Gmail account. There is no need for a technical camcorder, only sufficient phone is sufficient. So we're making photos with our phone so why not try a video?

So my point is about working at home mom and I like happy inspirational offers and self-developing books! My videos and blogs are usually about these two topics because I feel passionate about it and feel natural and easy to talk about it.

Source by Lisa Hartley

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