How can I drive crazy traffic to your blog (without publishing a single content)

Are you sick of writing "invisible" content?

They spend hours and hours writing a new article. After it's finished, edit it carefully and add some expensive image material. But once you hit the "release" button … it all sounds like the cricket's sound is ticking.

Nobody read.

What kind of waste, I guess?

But what if I told you that you almost literally attracted thousands of visitors to your blog overnight?

Better yet, what if I told you, without publishing any content on your blog?

Do you think I'm overjoyed? Well, you can not be worse.

Guest publishing is the most effective way to drive crazy traffic on your blog, and in this post I'll show you how to do the right thing. Here goes:

Step 1: Find the industry's most popular blogs . You can use tools such as and Blogs in the industry. Step 2: Understand the mass desire (or desires) that create the industry, based on the most popular content, what is the primary desire of the market? Do they want to lose weight? Want more money? Maybe they just want to save money. Want to have a happier life? You have to find it because the success of guest blogging depends on being able to write content that will help the audience meet these desires. Step 3: Brainstorm Theme Ideas Based on These Masses of Mercy – Once you have found the basic desires of your market, you can begin with content ideas about the desires. These ideas are set for blogs found in step 1. For example, say the market's basic desire for weight loss. In this specific case, you can write addresses such as "How to lose 30 pounds in 20 minutes a day" or "13 steps to lose your belly fat (even if you hate a diet)." Step 4: Contact the blog owners and tell them to post a guest post on their website – after the list of topic variants (ideal 4) Finding in step 1 and informing them of your ideas. How? Just be yourself. Make direct and simple language use. Do not try to fascinate someone. Just let them know they've been doing their job for a while, and you think they can add some value to their blogs. If your ideas are good, most of them are happy to publish their content.

Step 5: Write a wonderful biography and link back to your blog Link to a blog in the author's biology. If your content is good, many people want to know more about you and click on the link. So you can drive crazy traffic. Whenever you start, the bareest thing you can do is to publish 100% of your own site content.

Instead, it is worth focusing at least 80% on publishing content on other people's websites. You have to use audiences to build their own.

This is the smartest approach you can do.

Anyway, it's up to you.

Source by Josue Valles

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