Hamilton Island Accommodation

As any of the popular tourist destinations, Hamilton Island offers a variety of accommodation options for all types of budget. You can choose hotels (three star, four star or five star), luxury resorts, apartments (1 bedroom and 4 bedrooms), villas and luxury homes. You can choose the one you like, based on your decision about the price and the opportunities offered by them.

o Hotels – Just like all over the world, one of the most popular accommodation options. There are many cheap and luxury hotels on the island that provide tourists. The hotels consist of three stars and five star category and the comfort is world-class. Regardless of your budget, something might be right here. The Reef View Hotel and the Beach Club are two popular hotels, all of which are beachfront accommodation.

o Resorts – If you are looking for more free space than at a hotel, you may want to get to one of the luxurious resorts on the island. These are quite expensive, but the experience they provide will surely be a lifetime. Qualia is one of the most popular luxury resort on the island, located on the secluded northern tip of the island.

o Villas – There are separate homes on Hamilton Island. The villas are the most elegant among them. If you are looking for private life and do not want to give up luxury, go to the many villas. Palm Terrace is a villa that is popular among tourists. Apartments – One of Hamilton's most popular accommodation apartments. Get the home and all the necessary services. You can cook your own meals and enjoy a great experience. The apartments have one or four bedrooms. So you can either come with your big family or share the costs with some of your friends. Whichever way to rent an apartment is a great way to vacation on Hamilton Island.

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