Eureka Springs, Arkansas – Ideal travel destination in the United States

The extraordinary travel destination in the United States is Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Thousands of visitors to the world have visited this beautiful place for its rich history, the wonderful Victorian homes and the trolley bus tour that surrounds the city. One of the most popular tourist attractions in the area is the elegant 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa. Located in the historic city center, this wonderful hotel is popular for vibrant history and worth a visit. As you enter the rising hotel building you can experience the magic of the Victorian era.

The Most Favorite Way of the Historic City to Carry Horse Riding. In case you are not interested in traditional transportation, you can choose a trolley to go to the city. Trolleybus services are extremely cheap and best suited for those traveling on a tight budget. A trolleybus flight costs just $ 2, the total daily fee is $ 4, and a 2-day transfer is only $ 6. However, if you purchase a 2-day pass, you must use it for two consecutive days. If you travel with children, the trip becomes cheaper, the car for the kids is only $ 1.

Special electric tours are also available, but expensive. These trams operate daily from March 4th to October 30th. In November, the service runs from Thursday to Monday, and in December at a limited rate. You can choose from special narrated electric tours. Detailed information on trolleys and tours can be obtained from the Visitor Information Center or the free online travel guides

Another important tourist attraction of Eureka Springs is the Ozark Opera House. The productions are amazing and exceptionally talented artists travel to the region to participate in this great opera festival. Every season, three major operas are performed here in English and two in the regional language. Eureka Springs offers much more and is certainly the ideal holiday destination in the United States.

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