ED Treatment: The Future For Revolutionary Methods

Undoubtedly, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a real twist from blue for all people. Regrettably, no one is affected by the problem. But if you face it, it's no reason to lose your courage. Discoveries of the last decades have led to the development of new drugs for the treatment of the disease in the field of erectile neurophysiology. The author of an article, blogger and ED researcher who offers his own website has offered the latest, non-standard approaches to impotence management. So let's look at them.

Uprima. Apomorphine, the active substance in the drug, is a dopamine agonist. This means that this drug improves erection functions in men, improving natural erection signals. These signs occur during sexual stimulation. Security is the most important benefit of Uprima. Even initial studies compared with placebo showed significant improvement in the pleasure of erection and sexual intercourse. Thus, Uprima is a fast acting and effective cure for impotence management. These tablets are used to treat mild or moderate psychotic erectile dysfunction. This medicine has no contraindications for the treatment of high blood pressure and nitrates. In addition, it does not affect fundamental human physiological parameters. In some countries, with the exception of the United States, Uprima has already sold to ED.

Topiglan The new drug where Alprostadil is the main active agent for treating erectile dysfunction. Indeed, this topical gel is a great alternative for men who do not want to take tablets and for whom penis injections are unacceptable. It strengthens blood circulation in the penis. The gel starts to work within a few minutes after the application. Primary research has shown the efficacy of Topiglan, where other ED drugs are ineffective or even dangerous. Thus, this gel does not interact with other drugs. Therefore, men who are taking nitrate, high blood pressure medicines, heart disease and diabetes can also successfully use Topiglan. However, it should be recalled that Topiglan's study has not yet been completed.

Melanocortin activators This medicinal product must be taken nasally. Actually, this is a specialty of medicine. It has a direct impact on the central nervous system, namely the brain. Animal studies have shown that melanocortin activators cause erection. And most importantly, this drug had no side effects. As far as people are concerned, initial investigations are just starting. But it is clear that this medicine will help patients if erectile dysfunction is psychological. However, if physical problems cause erectile dysfunction, this solution is helpless. The medicine is under development. It has not yet been started

Gene Therapy Animal and human studies have shown that a very revolutionary way to treat erectile dysfunction may soon emerge. Scientists say the gene therapy effects will be much longer than the drugs that men have to undergo immediately before sexual intercourse. Undoubtedly, this can perfectly improve the spontaneity and naturalness of sexual relationships. In addition, this method allows the treatment of patients with neuronal nerve damage. Therapy involves injecting some genes into the penis. Thus, these genes include the GDNF gene and the NRTN gene that contribute to increased neuronal growth. In this case, impotence treatment with well-known drugs is useful. Consequently, gene therapy is an excellent solution for men with erectile dysfunction resulting from the chemotherapy of prostate cancer. Human studies have shown excellent results. And side effects occur in small cases. So the potential for new treatment is enormous.

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