Critical Thinking: Is Some Feminists Needing Therapy?

If a woman is asked to talk about what women think their lives are back then they can say they are themselves. What you can show next is that you have an internal control room.

On the other hand, the same question can be asked about another woman and can say they are men. As a result, it is likely to show you have an external controller role.

When it comes to the first woman, you will see the chance as an individual, as opposed to a group or movement. Otherwise, she said she would be a woman, but first and foremost she would be human.

However, in the case of the second woman, there is a chance that she will be "feminist". Part of this movement can therefore take precedence, and it may not even happen to him that he is an individual.

As a result, he will be part of the human race, but above all he will become a woman. It may be like another species, as this species grows.

Your main concern will be to do your best to provide yourself and others with a better life. not what you can do to help the whole human race. It's as if women are living in their own bubble and the only way to help them is to focus on concerns.

At the same time, a woman also has an internal leadership role and remains a feminist, but if that is the case, it is unlikely she behaves the same way as a feminist who has an external leadership role. If we have an inner control line, then someone may feel as if they are directed over their lives, while the external position of control is not.

With this in mind, if a woman has an external control, it will not be a surprise if she believes people are controlling her life. He feels completely helpless, so there will be nothing he can directly change his life.

Power Struggle

By feeling such a feeble feeling, be part of the movement; this will allow him to avoid feeling himself. For example, if you were in person, that would not happen.

The power that you feel as a part of the movement will come to fruition if you have more power over others. She can then be called "feminist," and may seem impolite, but she can not be different from others who control others. But while there are people who will see that you need it to create an internal control space, it is unlikely that you will recognize this. There's a big chance he does not even know how to feel life. This can only be considered as truth, meaning that every person has the right to control people; with other women and men. Black and white, and women are oppressed and people are oppressors.

Selective Sensation

Such a woman wears invisible goggles that make the lens not. It does not matter that there are moments in the lives of all men and women if they have good and bad moments or that there are women on this planet who are far more "privileged" than many people.

If your mind is strongly promoted by the education system and / or the media, for example, it will not surprise her that she is seeing life in this way. After all, people do not see their eyes; they see their minds.

In order for a woman to believe that every person is easy and that every woman is suppressed / victim, she will need to put men on a pedestal. If you see people in this way, you find it normal to believe it is easy.

If something like this happens, it usually indicates that someone tries to avoid feeling themselves. This is because it is a defense mechanism used by the mind to separate emotional pain from the body.

is doing a lot of effort to find a woman suffers when she thinks she has no influence on her life. After that, you probably have a lot of pain that you have to avoid.

With this prospect and the pain you will need to sacrifice energy, it is going to attract those things that validate what he believes. But since he is related to what is in it and unable to observe his inner world and therefore to see how the inner world has an impact on the outside world, his experiences can only be seen as more evidence that what he believes in the truth.

There will be more than an observer of his reality, and responsibility will change to people. One of the biggest problems is that this behavior is supported by the mainstream society.

Not only do people generally do not encourage responsibility for their own lives; socially acceptable for a woman to blame people for all their problems. Men are so "privileged" they are constantly attacking them and are considered the root of all problems.

A Deeper View

If a woman has an external roles, there is a chance she has time in her life when she felt extremely helpless and helpless. This moment or a few moments would have made him believe he had no effect on the outside world. The fact that every man has a problem shows that he was a man who felt that way. What happened with a man would then determine how he perceived all people.

This may be something that happened in childhood; perhaps her father had somehow beaten her. When he feels grown up, he feels that he feels himself as a child, and at this time his persuasions for men have also evolved. Ergo, by identifying what happened every year ago, can not live in the present. This time has long been long in his life, but he keeps alive that he does not do the pain and the established beliefs.

If we lived in a society – awareness and responsibility for our own problems, there would be no reason for an adult woman to have an external roles. Nothing empowers this, and the fact that feminism often encourages women to see themselves as a victim is certainly a sign that they do not necessarily benefit them.

Taking this into account, if a woman does not feel weak and seems to have no influence on her life, it might be a good idea to work with a therapist or a healer. Taking care of the trauma inherent in it, it takes steps to be able to become an authorized person.

Source by Oliver JR Cooper

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