Commuters are filled! Endless hours of travel and flying prices …

I do not move much today, but I really do. Every day in Oxfordshire, I would go to London to the Science Museum. I found it both exhausting and expensive. Over the weekend I was exhausted to enjoy my time with my family or to appreciate having time for myself. So instead of having to go on a daily basis, I found a rented place on the working day.

Although I'm enjoying the less commuting-more-time-to-me lifestyle, I'm realistic. A new contract or a new project could easily force you back into the car or train because no one wants to stop the opportunity in this economic environment. This is a situation that many of us are facing.

However, I do not intend to preserve the long-term travel costs and the daily commuter pregnancy. From experience I know how this can be. Instead, I'll have the chance to hire weekdays or fractional rentals.

I'm increasingly recognizing that others can share my view. Renting the weekdays involves a lot of press reports for a good reason and for a good reason. Those who say Monday and Friday return to their homes and families say that they save money, have a better quality of life, and have more time in physical activity, socialization or learning. In my experience, I also had better relationships with my family because I could concentrate on work during the week, and I was less tired, so the weekends were very special and they had a fun time together.

Source by Judy A Niner

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