Chiang Mai, Thailand's Best Shops

Chiang Mia is a unique and culturally rich city located in Northern Thailand. The number of tourists is increasing year by year to visit 300 Buddhist stories, exciting Thai festivals and a wonderful selection of traditional and modern shopping. Whether you are looking for an authentic single market or modern western luxury, you will definitely find Chiang Mai. So where are the best places in Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Every night, Chiang Mai organizes an incredible night market that spreads across several blocks of the city. The Phra Sing area boasts outdoor food distribution, restaurants, bars and festivals such as entertainment until midnight. The bazaar is one of the cheapest places for tourists to buy and is an ideal place to pick up a few souvenirs

Worarot Market

This busy market is just a short 2 minute walk away there is the night bazaar. However, this area comes to life during the day. Best travel on foot, these are the thriving traditional markets, where locals go for daily shopping. There are many authentic Thai fabrics, food, clothing, flowers and decorations. If you look around for quite a long time, you will find many unique booths that sell anything from electronic gadgets to fireworks.

Airport Plaza

This Chiang Mai shopping center is located near the airport but is not included. A fantastic fusion of western and traditional Thai shops. The shopping center with air-conditioned spaces and spacious open roads often facilitates the rest of the city's bustling shopping centers. It has an aquarium, a large cinema, as well as many restaurants and restaurants.

The authentic Thai shops have crafts, silk, ornaments and jewelry that are guaranteed to be of high quality. There are also many well-known brand stores around the world selling modern shoes, clothing and electronic equipment.

Sankampang Road

The Sankampang Road has so many handicrafts and artefacts that were lovingly handed over to the craft highway. Here you will also find handicraft presentations, shops and even English-language guides to help you find what you are looking for. It is also the cultural center of Thai silk.

Pantip Plaza

This is another little smaller Chiang Mai shopping mall, south of the Night Bazaar. It usually contains IT products, electrical products and many special computer shops. Most major brands have their own dedicated business and the goods are sold at very competitive prices. There are also a number of stores that sell parts to make or upgrade their own machines.

Whether it is a Chiang Mai shopping center, a traditional marketplace, or a fun entertainment center, shopping is right for every taste in Chiang Mai. Traveling around the city can easily be done using local tuk tuks (motorized rickshaws), songthaews (shared taxis), standard rickshaws or buses. There is a good road network through the city, but it can be difficult to use on some market days.

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