Blogging for Small Businesses – Why You Should Do It?

The business blogging idea often meets the "meh … who cares?" attitude. I deal with all sorts of business, and although the recommendation is the same, few people see the value in blogging until it is clearly shown to the real example.

I have been proposing WordPress for many years, including content management systems. The main reason for this recommendation is that it was the principle and it is still blogging. I've designed and taught a lot of WordPress themes to help you use and maintain the WordPress site. During the design process, one of the requirements is for the customer to write a short article about something new and exciting in the business or the industry. They do it sneer, but they almost never understand why.

Currently, most people still find what they are looking for on the web using a search engine. It does not matter if you use Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask or any other search engine. They all love blogs. Is your search engine's favorite game good? Honestly, I do not care nor you. My job is to help you see it on the Internet. To this end, I will advise what the goal will be.

Do you remember the article my client wrote about? Now let's explain why. At this point, we've created a good site with good layout and customized images. We've got all the mandatory "about us" things, the contact information, maybe an image gallery or the latest job portfolio. Some companies feel it is enough. The big problem is that customers do not care how long you've been in business or that your grandmother's recipe for apple pie has been secretly handed over. They will not visit you because your site looks nice or because the contact site works. They visited because they had what they wanted.

After I've published the site to the world, I always publish the article I wrote to them. In a week we look at their traffic and we could not … People find the site a search engine, but the page they hit, the article that my client did not understand the point of writing. Then it's usually easy to persuade them to write more. Each article increases the chances of people finding their site.

Another benefit of trusted customers' healthy collection is trust. Waiting night-time companies rarely get the writing of articles so that their customers understand why they should trust or what's happening in the industry today. If a potential customer finds two companies on the web who are doing the same and offers one free information, which is more likely to take advantage of your business? If you said it was a blog, then you're right.

I often ask the question, "What if I can not write?" If your employees offer them a little extra to write to you. You were surprised at the abilities that some of the employees have. If not, then a temptator can write at a fairly good price. Hundreds of websites devoted to this thing. The real answer to this question is. WordPress has a plugin for spelling and grammar, so there is no real excuse not to write. To sum up, if you have a business, you must have a web site. If you have a site, you must have a blog. If you do not and your race, one of us is right. Think of your business blog as a seller who never wants to vacation, never call the patients, and work freely if you spend some time once a week.

Source by Aaron Nye

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