Beautiful and confident as a larger woman

Bigger woman, plus size girl, or 16th size. Lady Gaga's trust as a young girl. His body was thought to have not thought of body size.

When the boys or girls named names, you knew them, I could add them quite loud, they were stupid, pointing or slapping.

What Happened?

Why was trust broken?

Where did the sassy beautifully daring girl disappeared?

Still exists.


Just by teasing and calling the name like rocks, he built a wall to protect himself.

How do I tear down the walls? A stone at once.

So, what do you say we woke up, bring him hidden, okay?

Trust begins with your mind

You have to identify lies and crush them with truth.

Childhood rhyme "sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt", a bald face lie.

Throw it away.

When the first lie collapses, we do the work with the others.

Louise Hay popularized positive claims as rewriting of internal sounds or messages. She worked with her mirror with her Mirror Work. It works by standing in front of a mirror and repeating its statements aloud. Helps people deeply heal. Why? Shes says, " He is immediately aware of where he resists and where he is open and flowing . , five times, and look directly at your eyes.

Have you found yourself?

Be honest

You have to be honest with yourself.

When your father called "Tubby" and thought he was cute, he bitten even when he was laughing from the outside. fudge at sundae, greasy you call it so badly that you killed yourself. Forgive the deliberate flaming darts that can damage the soul. Forgive yourself for believing in them.

Beautiful Definition

Beauty, as they say, is in his eyes. No one determines beauty in the same way. And believe it or not, the definition is constantly changing.

What does beauty mean to you? Determine and describe yourself with the prerequisites.

You don't have to believe first.

Caught it not?

I know that negative self-talk is taking place in your mind. Just do the mirror work mentioned earlier and start believing.

Determine your beauty for yourself and believe it.

You can feel beautiful and confident as a larger woman. The stones begin by removing them one by one until their inner child hides his wall. First, identify the lies and break them with the truth. Second, be honest with yourself. And finally, determine what beauty means.

Source by Sara Duggan

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