Backpacking in Thailand – 5 destinations to see

Thailand is a refurbished backpacker destination and has seen travelers through the gates for many years. The fantastic variety of the appeal, as well as its exotic feel, which gives the western people a real escape. The problem is that we try to decide where to go when it's there because there are so many wonderful places. I tried to make this decision easier by listing my 5 favorite places that I can't miss if I go to the Thai shores:

1. Koh Phangan
Koh Phangan is the place where most people are is aware of when they finish because it is & quot; Full Moon Party & # 39; Hundreds of thousands of backpackers traveled every year to drink Sam Son and fluoresce themselves. It's really a memorable experience – just make sure you don't enjoy too much!

2. Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai is a great place to escape the hopping habits of the islands and the wars of foreigners, and to taste a real Thai lifestyle. Obviously, you still have to see a lot of travelers, but the Buddhist monk and the street woman will get involved, who will cook the best food you've ever eaten in 2 minutes. Chiang Mai is also used in the jungle, where you can see elephants, bamboo rafts and much more.

3. Khao Sok National Park
This fascinating national park offers another great retreat from hectic parties and coastal visitors, with seemingly never ending breathtaking walks leading to deserted lakes during cascading waterfalls. If you are lucky, you will find some of the wildlife that will shed light in the shadows from elephants to leopards.

You can't miss Bangkok in Thailand. This expanding urban crowd is a kind of attack on the senses and will not be worn from time to time, but it is a totally unique experience that is shocked. From the golden palaces to the offers offered by the Thai girls; on every corner this is a world far away from home. Get yourself a new suit, a chomp at some Pad Thai, then go before it's too late!

5.Kho Phi Phi
Phi Phi has long been in the crown of jewelery in Thailand since playing at The Beach and is certainly ahead of the hype. While travelers are constantly spending more and more, there is still nothing refreshing about their toes in crystal clear waters surrounded by huge green rocks that stretch over them and providing a framework for this beautiful picture. Make sure it's close to the top of your route, but be careful you never see it elsewhere.

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