Adventure destinations in South India

Do you plan an adventure tour? South India is an ideal place for fun love and unlimited wilderness. Hangout for stunning adventure destinations that will surely bring the passion of the travelers. Discover the magic of Mother Nature and admire the magical world of adventure.

The versatile topography, which includes snow-capped mountains, beaches and deserts, offers great opportunities for adventurous travelers who are ready to attack the barriers. Trekking, Diving, Water Skiing, Snorkeling, Bird Watching, Wild Safari, Fishing, Fishing, Forest Trails and Wild Safari adventure fans.

In southern India, there are wonderful destinations for many adventure sports.

Andhra Pradesh – Ethurnagaran and Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary are a paradise for wildlife fans. There are many animal species like gaur, dragon beer, panther and many more. Kolleru Bird Sanctuary is home to various bird species. Set the forest paths to discover the wildlife in your home.

Tamil Nadu – The hills of the Elagiri Mountains, the Anamalai Mountains and many of Tamil Nadu offer many hiking trails for trekkers. In Muttukadu, adventurous travelers can indulge in surfing. Some water bodies, such as Peermund, Mukkurti and other bodies in the state, are ideal targets for trout fishing.

Karnataka – The long stretches of the Arabian Sea Karnataka is a great place for surfing, Korean rafting and canoeing. Treat yourself to the rafting and sail to the wild waves of the Cauvery River. In the western Ghats, trekking routes in every pocket of the world excite surveyors.

Lakshadweep – The island of Lakshwadeep is a world of water sports. The island is blessed with 36 coral and reefs that are a great pleasure for visitors. Treat yourself to scuba diving and snorkeling to explore the wonderful underwater sea world of Kadmat, Aggatti and many other islands.

Kerala – Enjoy the unique experience of the Kerala calm household. Alleppey and Kumarakom are popular for traditional house boat trips. The lush green surroundings of the pasture of the palm tree fascinate visitors. Sail on the calm backwaters and admire the beauty of nature. The state's high standards provide an opportunity for adventure tourists to discover the different trekking routes.

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