10 fun facts about Brazil and Brazil Girls

# 1. In Brazil, they speak Portuguese, they do not speak Brazilian or Spanish. In fact, there is no language like Brazilian. Brazil was originally colonized by Portugal as opposed to Spain, as in other Latin American countries, hence the Portuguese's influence on culture, race and language

. Men do not receive Brazilian waxing, even in Brazil. Well, maybe the gay men, but not straight men. However, women are waxing, and women also love to stay in shape and tune. No one can argue with this.

# 3. In Brazil, every woman is beautiful. This is great for guys who live there, but not so great for girls. Brazilian men do not have to trust. American men, well, there's no real difference there.

# 5. Everyone in America is leaking and drowning whenever he wants and all he has to do is say sorry. In Brazil, if you publicly pretend, you are red and you apologize. No one is leaking in public in Brazil

# 6. In Brazil, a guy can live in his parents' house all his life, and no one regards it as strange. In America, if a guy makes people think there is something wrong with him. This culture is similar to other Latin American countries. In Brazil, people are not married to the early 30s

# 8. Futebol (for Americans for you) is the Brazilian national pastime. Brazil is the world's most famous and celebrated carnival festival. The main attraction is usually in Rio. Although he celebrated throughout the country.

# 10. Brazil is 100% independent of energy and prosperous economy.

Source by Dan DeLa Cruz

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