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Internet users are looking for products or services on the Internet using keywords or phrases. As they search for specific information, search engines in particular use Google to crawl and display different types of content. You can sort your results on Google search results pages by videos, forums, pictures, and other categories by clicking on the content classification on the left side of the page. This means that content with different content increases the chances of your business getting different types of search results. is probably the most popular site for free video storage and online sharing. Many singers and actors have discovered and become popular with videos uploaded on YouTube. YouTube receives over 800 million unique visitors per month, watching three billion hours of video. There is no doubt that YouTube can increase the brand's online exposure.

But now there are a large number of videos on YouTube. How can we ensure that marketing videos are better ranked?

Jeff McRitchie, Marketing Marketing Manager for, has divided 12 YouTube ranking factors into two main categories.

Creating Awesome Content

Content is your basic control factor. You are the one who designs, designs and creates content. So you have to give priority to making creative ideas a terrific video presentation. Here are the six ranking factors in the category:

Title 1

Create a unique title that best describes your content. Make your keyword research to determine what netizens want and see in a video tutorial. After identifying the title, make sure that the presentation deals with the subject and meets the expectations of the viewers. Otherwise, viewers do not like your video, and unattractive numbers can have a negative impression on other netizens. This can prevent other netizens, so a very low clickthrough rate can be achieved.

2. Description

Its video description is essential for the interest of potential viewers. This would increase the chances of getting a great clickthrough rate. Make a 300-500 word description of the subject of the video. It may be overwritten by the viewer friend. Or you can add a link to the description to direct viewers to your site.

3. Labels

Create at least 10 tags for your video based on your keyword research. Without relaxation, these labels must match the subject of the video. Make sure that both of these tags have both forms and multiple forms, so that both YouTube and Google can better rank the video.


Video transcription not only makes the video more demonstration-friendly, but also improves the video. YouTube is now writing videos with a machine. The resulting horrible transcripts are used to rank the videos by keywords. So it is better to rewrite the video and upload the text file. This will ensure that the keywords used in the title and descriptions are properly included in the transcription. This will increase your clickthrough rate and help you better rank your video.

5. Channel Permission

Content control is the authority's control. Google uses channel authority as the basis for ranking. Consistent publishing of awesome videos with great content is likely to qualify for your channel. This effect also spreads to your current video, making it better ranked. To better channel your channel, you should watch the quality and content of uploaded videos here.

6. Shipping

The quality of content delivery is important to connect to all of your videos. The awesome content delivered in a scary way will definitely launch the viewers that they don't like videos. The more you do not like videos, the lower the clickthrough rate you are likely to receive.


To get great views, you need to promote videos on social networks. However, YouTube video may be viral, but you may not like it. The number of views in this case will not be better in the ranking. In order to better rank your videos, great views and positive engagement, or like the viewers.

1. Quality of Views

As already mentioned, video needs great views and is also appealing to viewers. They need a good viewer. commitment. This means that the audience needs to watch the videos completely. It is not enough to attract the attention of viewers. You have to accept them until you see the video completely.

2. Inbound Links

YouTube uses incoming links as a basis for ranking videos. Google and YouTube are both looking for a channel link and link under a particular video. So you need to create links to your channel and videos. Without any relaxation, these links should be natural. Of course you can build links through social media and your blog. The followers of the following social networks will be linked back to the videos when they are interested in the content. You can also create profile links. You can place your YouTube channel link under your name in the email signature. You can embed videos on your site. Or you can combine press releases with your channel.

3. Social Shares

Support videos in social media accounts as Google searches for social signs for content. The more videos you share, the better these videos will be.

4. Embedding

Apart from embedding videos on your site, promote them to other bloggers and site owners. Encourage bloggers and site owners to embed videos. The more people embed the videos, the better the rankings the videos will receive.

5. Comments and Video Answers

Comments made by viewers to videos are good signs of commitment. Videos that build and commit to social success are better ranked by Google. Google can easily figure out real comments from spammy. So, never try to play the system. Create links with viewers by responding immediately to your comments or questions.

Video produced by viewers for one of their videos is a huge ranking factor. These video responses tell Google that video carriers have a positive role and are a worthy video for ranking. You may consider trading video responses. You can ask your friend or followers to make a video in response to the videos and make a video for them in return. You can also create a video by responding to videos on other YouTube channels. Or make a video in response to other videos. These videos, though not as powerful as videos created by videos made by videos, can contribute to the videos. rankings.

6. Like and Your Favorite

The more your video is great or liked, the better your chances of being shared. The more the video is shared, the better the ranking will be.

Overall, Google and YouTube's internal ranking system results in videos & # 39; rankings may fluctuate. People who share videos on their channel or websites will be assigned their rank and authority to their videos and channels.

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