Your theory when praying in tongues

Do not worry, you're not the first.

I received the Holy Father from my prayer book a year after I rescued him. Like all new believers, I was worried that I was not a "true Christian" yet, because Scripture said that languages ​​are the signs of the Holy Ghost … and if the Holy Spirit does not live in you, you are not Christian

If you are like me, you probably went to the nearest church and asked them to pray for you. I did it and I'm sure I went there to speak in the languages. It was strange that the Holy Ghost had met me … in my dream! There was a time when I suddenly woke up and felt like I was talking about what I thought you would ruin.

There was a time when I wanted to pray and my tongue would have been so loose. words! If you have not begun praying in the Spirit, also known as tongues, just ask God. It's so simple. If it does not happen immediately, do not panic. Generally, a series of events will be held and he will lead someone who can help.

The first night I prayed in the languages ​​was unique, it was wonderful. I told my little prayer and asked the Holy Spirit to take over because "I do not know what to pray." My lips trembled, and the next thing I knew was praying in the Spirit. The strange thing is that since the Holy Spirit prays, your mind can easily walk. I found myself thinking about my family, my friends, my ex-boyfriend and my career. I began to imagine what to pray for. I also wondered if I was not just preparing myself.

The Tricks of the Devil

The Holy Spirit's Prayer is very strong. So, in the usual way, our aging enemy goes round and tries to disrupt you in reaching God's power. Do not mess with your thoughts. He only does what he knows best: he is lying. So no, you do not. No, you do not have to know what the Holy Spirit says. No, this is not a false language from the devil. When these thoughts come, they will be held captive to the obedience of Christ. If you call the Holy Ghost to pray for you, the Holy Ghost prays for you, for no other.

The Word of God says that we must pray in our mind and in the Spirit. When I read it, it was such a relief. This means I have to concentrate consciously on prayer … which in fact means that it is not unusual for my mind to guide you.

Because we respect the Holy Spirit of God, I propose to pass on Him, Pray as long as He needs it. Try not to break it. The truth must be told, from 5 minutes to one or two hours. The Holy Ghost always gives you the opportunity to quit because he loves you, but considering the importance of his prayer, I suggest that you do not decide to stop.

Try to pray before bed in the morning or a few hours So you are not tired and disappointed when you pray The long prayer has obviously physical effects like jaw and dry mouth I do not know about you, but there is a weird feeling in my hand as if it were not mine. I almost feel the person of the Holy Ghost in me, so I feel that my body is not mine … and you know what it is, it is not. To God

Use these side effects because the Holy Spirit can only freely let God's power, grace, love, and blessings in your life with little work.

Jesus: Shepherd, Lord, King:

Source by Mpho M Nkadimeng

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