You can not send e-mail while traveling

Scenario: You are a business person traveling all over the world. She has just arrived at her hotel room, turned on her laptop and is ready to respond to the very important emails that arrived on the machine. So open Outlook, Thunderbird or any other e-mail client and start answering the most important messages. When you're done, you click the "Send" button, you're completely confident and relieved because you needed extraordinary urgency letters. Oh no, what happened? One of the following errors has been encountered: smtp 550 error Can not pass the mailbox blocked by the user is not available or not local Server error: 550 error number: 0x800CCC79 553 sorry this domain is not listed in my authorized rcpthosts list Server error: 553 Error number: 0x800CCC79

Why is this happening only when they are traveling?

Most ISPs have two protocols for sending and receiving mail: SMTP and POP. SMTP (or Simple Mail Transmission Protocol) is the one that sends the emails. If you are at home, you connect to the ISP's network. Because you are already in that network, there will be no problem using the ISP service's SMTP server. But if you are in this hotel room, you may have problems because you can join another ISP network. So it's normal that you can not send e-mail from another location.

So, what can you do about giving up the denied mistake?

to do it. You can check whether you can enable authentication when you are connected to that SMTP server so you can tell him "I'm not a spammer" and can send email anywhere. You can also use web e-mails, but I'm sure it's not the same if all your emails are well organized in Outlook folders.

Returning to our script, maybe 1 hour, and no one can connect to check SMTP authentication or webmail. Is there another option? Solving e-mail issues: smtp2go.

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