WordPress Themes – Which theme is right for your business?

Whether you're new to blogging or starting a blog, there are many blog topics and platforms to consider. Many clients come to us with a mission to find the best blog themes to meet their needs. Although we always recommend WordPress to use the blog platform, we recommend different WordPress themes based on business needs and personal lifestyles.

This post is the sole purpose of your guide, theme decision is quick and easy.

Let's start with the basic elements your blog needs to work for your business:

SEO Capabilities Enabling You to Rank in Search Engines

2. Appearance compatible with your brand message.

3. A design that is consistent with your blog's goals and what you're trying to achieve with your blog – business creation.


Below I introduced the three features and benefits of WordPress and the ideal users: Thesis, ProPhoto and WordPress premades

is probably a bit biased to the thesis as we use it for our blog and LOVE! But that does not mean it's perfect for every business blogger.

1. Great Support: The Thesis is a support forum for other working users who are in the forum for questions (19459003)

2. Easy-to-use design panel and font control: User-friendly design controls are designed to help you answer and respond to your thesis. , Thesis Design Options allows you to control the bulk of your blog without knowing code. For example, you can easily add videos and pictures to the sidebar, change the layout and width of your sidebar, and play fonts, sizes, and colors without having to know some code .

Gy Older page load times: Search engines view page load times as a key factor in ranking pages, so a blog that loads fast is mandatory in the page rank. This is also important for blog visitors who do not want to wait a few seconds to load every item on their blog. They leave without waiting. Trust me.

4. Integrated SEO Framework: Writers prefer SEO-optimized WordPress frameworks to the thesis rather than the WordPress theme. I agree with them and why:

Unlike other WordPress themes, the thesis has fantastic, built-in SEO capabilities. You do not need to find an extra SEO plugin to optimize your blog. And more importantly, the thesis design code is completely separate from the HTML code. To understand this special code, you must first understand the basics of blog encoding.

Most blog topics do not have any specific HTML encoding from design coding. If these topics are used, too many added encodings can load the search engine code. This type of inflammation disables search engines to understand what your blog is and thus prevents your blog ranking.

As the thesis separates the design code from the HTML code, Google can easily read the HTML code and rank its blog. So you can do everything you want from the design point of view and will not break the code that Google reads. Also, when you want to change your blog's plan, you do not have to worry that this affects the rank of blog that is hard to get.

5. Affordable: Thesis offers two opportunities for users: personal opportunities and development opportunities. The personal option is a one-time fee of $ 87.00, providing users with a thesis on a live website and a local development server, access to members' only responses and forums, lifetime theses updates, and a 30-day money back guarantee.

A one-time developer option fee of $ 164.00, providing unlimited usage to users on user-owned pages, gives access to new beta versions before issuing Thesis, enabling users to installing theses for clients, access members' only responses and forums, physiological theses updates, and a 30-day money back guarantee.


  • They want a customizable design and can change their designs and most layouts in their blog without a developer.
  • Use your blog as one of the main elements of online marketing strategy.
  • Want to show online videos and photos and provide additional resources
  • Desire to reduce time to find SEO plug-ins.
  • You are looking for great technical support.
  • Features and Benefits: Easy to use design and font control: ProPhoto lets you easily change the look and feel of your blog. Like the thesis, ProPhoto allows you to check the code of your blog without knowing your code most. For example, you can simply add flash images to your header and slides to your posts, change the layout and width of your sidebar, and play fonts, sizes, and colors – without having to know any code.

    2. Slides and Flash: ProPhoto works as a flash portfolios. Because ProPhoto has a variety of flash features, the sound and design of the blog provides a sophisticated and very attractive feeling. Whether you want a slider, drop-down menus, flash headers or stylish slideshows, ProPhoto lets users easily customize their blog components without knowing the code. Faster page load times: As stated above, search engines see page fill time as a key factor in ranking pages, so a blog that is fast loading is mandatory on the page rank.

    Great for owners who …

    • In the field of photography or in high resolution photographs, they would like to show you in large quantities.
    • Want to show blogs and / or blog slideshows and flash videos in the headline of your blog.
    • They want a customizable design and can change their designs and most layouts in their blog without a developer.
    • Use your blog as one of the main elements of online marketing strategy.
    • I would like to use their blog to expand their visual portfolio.
    • Premade WordPress Themes

      ** Although premade WordPress themes do not have as many bells and whistles as Thesis, ProPhoto, and other enhanced and customizable themes, it's still a great blogging platform.

      Features and Benefits:

      1. Customizable Stylesheets (CSS): The most common WordPress themes allow design and template changes with customizable stylesheet. The developer needs to modify CSS and other blog codes such as PHP and HTML.

      2. Customizable Side Bars: Like all other WordPress themes (including thesis and ProPhoto), premade WordPress themes allow users to activate widgets from sidebars for video, pictures and other attractive features. But unlike the thesis and the ProPhoto, you need a backdrop of HTML coding to have these features in the sidebar. Plug-ins: When using a premium WordPress theme, consider purchasing an SEO plug-in to ensure that your rankings are ranked by search engines. Also, consider using a sharing plug-in that allows blog readers to automatically share their post with their friends on social media networks.

      Be careful not to expose your blog with plug-ins,. And, as mentioned earlier, because the code is directly related to the design and layout of the blog, too many extra plugins can accrue code and prohibit search engine rankings.

      Great for owners who …

      • You want to test the water of blogs before you are committed to a more advanced theme.
      • Become a personal developer or designer who can personalize the blog.
      • They want a minimalist and more thorough look at their blog.
      • Do not use your blog as a major component of online marketing strategy.
      • You do not have time or energy to invest in the right blogging and marketing.

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