WordPress for Beginners: Which WordPress Can You Use When Launching a Website?

WordPress for Beginners: Using a Website or Blog with WordPress: WordPress is a free software program created and maintained by anybody's website or blog. Originally, the simple way to create a blog was that WordPress can still be used to launch a web page today.

WordPress has not only been freely usable, but since 2003 it has developed into an intuitive, easy-to-use platform. This gives users incredible flexibility in structuring their web pages. WordPress can be used for many different things; blogs, sites (big or small), membership sites, sales pages, etc. The possibilities are almost endless!

What is the difference? WordPress is available in two forms: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. However, there are many who are confused between the two. To clarify this, WordPress.com is free for anyone and blogs are also stored. However, as it is free, there are limitations. While WordPress.org provides software, it does not host a blog on the Internet. Therefore, you will need to find a separate hosting provider and buy a domain name for your blog. However, this gives you maximum flexibility and customization for your blog.

When starting a website, WordPress would be the best for beginners to use? This can be confusing as both look very good. These are the main advantages and disadvantages of both types:

WordPress.com Advantages:

  • Everything takes care of: installation, updates, spam, backups, security, etc.
  • Your blog is on servers managed by WordPress.com
  • Entries are automatically saved
  • "Blogs of the Day" Provides Extra Traffic
  • WordPress.com Disadvantages
  • While there are hundreds of topics, you cannot run a custom theme with basic WordPress.com
  • Unable to upload extensions
  • Cannot change the PHP code behind your blog for basic WordPress.com
  • The URL may seem more cumbersome (eg ExampleBlogSite.WordPress.com)
  • WordPress.org Advantages:
  • Upload Topics
  • Add-ons may be uploaded
  • You can change the code if you think technically
  • Your domain name is neater (eg ExampleBlogSite.com)
  • Content is yours and cannot be removed from the web


  • Although it may be costly, web hosting costs are added
  • Added costs for buying your own domain name
  • More technical knowledge for setup and operation
  • Own responsibility for maintenance, including backups, spam filters and software updates
  • WordPress for Beginners – Recommendation: it is better to start a website. The page looks better on the URL because it chooses the domain name and will be more difficult at the end of WordPress.com. It must take into account long-term goals. If you only want to use photos or rare posts, use WordPress.com. If you want to build an online business, though small, WordPress.org offers more flexibility.

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