Wonders of WordPress Blogs

I built my first WordPress blog just a few months later. I've been creating a blogger account for some years now, but I've never created my own blog post. I use some blogs to upload files directly to my domain, but I've never noticed the power to install my WordPress blog until I get to ZuneMAX.com. This site is great and I know that the tools used in the blog have played an important role in success and growth. On this site, I developed WordPress in a content management system (CMS), for example, with features like SimpleMachines.org and CopperMine Gallery scripts. At a later point, I'll write more about these integrations, but now I'm telling why I like WordPress.

I think the first thing we notice about WordPress is how easy is web publishing. I built the first web site in 1997 and it's almost too easy for anyone to publish anything online. The power of the blogosphere and the elite bloggers was astonishing. Bloggers are afraid of the dominant power structure. Newspapers neglect lost power in the news, and politicians think about the impact bloggers have on the election. I do not like myself as a powerful blogger or political activist, but I understand business and WordPress business tool for me.

I've taken this blogging software and tailored it to my own needs with free add-ons from WordPress developers and the community as a whole. Another beautiful open source software has created a strong business site for me after my time and effort. In the last few months I've learned a lot about web development just by playing with this tool and with all its wonderful features. I think the SEO benefits of running the WordPress blog are worth the time and the learning curve. Built-in features like SEO friendly " PermaLinks " and "[RSSFeed " had great benefits to embedding the page and indexing content. The Google Sitemap Extension and the "Ultimate Tag Warrior" feature fantastic and powerful tools for free on the web.

WordPress is a simple, easy-to-use blogging solution that empowers everyone to become better writers and anyone to be able to become a professional blogger.

Source by Alfred Moya

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