Will snakes love you?

Do you feel snakes? Most people disagree. Snakes have a stigma to be anxious, cold-blooded animals. They're cold-blooded, but ask anyone who's around the snakes for a while, and they're probably telling others.

It has been a snake for more than ten years. In addition to growing up around them. Experiences with snakes will be different.

They are just as aware of the world around them as any other animal. Most people will not doubt whether their dog or cat has a feeling for them. The answer is probably yes.

And as strange as it sounds, snakes can be the same. They learn to recognize their owners or anyone who often handles them. They react differently to aliens than to their owners. 19459002

I've even heard people who keep poisonous snakes. And at some point or another they were able to handle them with some security tool. The snakes were handled comfortably.

There are currently three snakes. One that has been since my youth since about 10 years ago. She will be the first snake she meets and dispel the myth that snakes do not feel themselves.

He loves being out and climbing with me. I'm gonna run out on beautiful hot days and go with me wherever I go. Yes, she actually looks at me and comes to me. Just like a dog.

People are shocking when I kiss a little and move it easily. He's not afraid of me, and he knows who I am.

I'm helping her get away if she does not come out of a piece (it does not happen very often) and she still enjoys it. ]

But on the flip side he's really upset with new people. Those you do not recognize. And it's not bite. She had not slipped through me forever. But you can say it's uncomfortable and you're trying to escape. Now I'm not saying that my cricket is just like a dog as long as I feel. He is a completely different creature and comes with another personality and thinking. But in my experience, yes, he loves me very much.

Not all snakes will be like this. Snakes are like people, because each one has a changing personality. Some will always be ugly. They may relax a bit, but they will always do it.

Some are very obedient and less interested. And everything between them. Their personalities are as diverse as any other animal, including humans.

So even if you get a snake, do not count them into the most friendly reptile in the world. You have to learn ticks and personality. And they must learn that it is not a threat but a companion and caring. Treat the snake well and take care of them, and yes, they show their appreciation. It's not as obvious as a dog or a cat. They do not purr or lick you. But in your own snake way, yes, snakes will love you.

Source by Christopher D. Anderson

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