Widget Box is the Perfect Resource for SEO and SMO

So there is a company blog you just created. This is practically empty except for one or two posts. It seems bare and you want to take the next step and optimize your blog to build a constant traffic. What can you do and where to go? Widgets are the perfect solution for SMO and SEO for your company's site. A widget is a small code that you can paste into your site. The code inserts an app or an account that does some activity to attract visitors and consumers. There are widgets on the internet, anything and find them all. The Widget Box is a site that can enter codes into your corporate blog. Widget Box works with various blogs and social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, iGoogle, Type Pad, Blogger, WordPress, My Space etc. Widget Box actually inserts the code automatically to you after you control it social network or blog platform you want to use. The Widget Box lets you customize background colors, application size, and test or view the app. If you have HTML capability, enter the code that embeds itself. Did I mention that this is a free web 2.0 resource? Now I share the first five widgets you can insert from the Widget Box into your corporate blog to improve your ranking.

Social Bookmark Buttons. This widget displays all social bookmarks on your company's site. Social bookmarks include Delicious, Facebook, Digg, Reddit, Furl, Technorati, Magnolia, Stumble Upon, and more. Inserting the widget will allow visitors to easily share the information they find interesting with their blog using social network accounts. Collaboration with social networks will help you in your social media optimization campaign and help attract visitors to your site.

The Most Updated Google News – SEO News Updates. This widget displays the latest SEO news updates on Google News. In order to stay alongside the latest SEO trends, this is a very useful application. Visitors can view the topic updates and they will be able to click on any topic they are interested in and open the full news window in the second window. This widget would be ideal for an Offshore SEO company website. There are other widgets that provide news and updates based on industry and interest. There are other widgets that only display SEO information on your site, such as the number of visitors to your site, the page ranking. Some widgets still categorize visitors, depending on which country they originate from. If we are able to analyze the countries where your site's site traffic is most often received, then you can use your campaign around this useful information and implement additional business activities.

YouTube Sidebar Widget. The widget name basically explains it. The widget displays videos uploaded on YouTube after you plug in the YouTube user ID. Anyone who visits your corporate blog will be able to see videos about your services and products in the sidebar. Usually, YouTube is a very popular social network. In order for your visitors to rent your YouTube account, this is a crazy way for consumers to return and visit your blog or site again. People will be curious that others are uploading YouTube and are likely to be willing to visit and check if they upload new videos. Videos are personalized, with experience for followers and consumers, so it's best to take advantage of such gadgets.

Google Search. Keeping in touch with the best search engine on the internet is always a good thing. If your site's convenience allows visitors to search the web with Google's search engine, they will improve the overall quality of your site. This widget displays the Google search bar at the top of your corporate blog or site for visitors and followers. This widget has a transparent background so you can easily gleam with the layout of the web page.

Contact Us. What is the most important part of Internet Marketing? Communication. That's right. In order to listen to feedback from your visitors and followers, you can paste a widget that displays a contact form on the sidebar of your corporate blog. The contact form allows the visitor to fill in their name, e-mail address, subject, and message. With these feedback, you can fine-tune your SEO marketing strategies and use social media optimization to help drive traffic to your site. Now that I've gone through some of the important widgets that you can use from the Widget Box, you can browse the web site for other widgets that may be interesting on the company's site. There are widgets that include games, surveys, calorie counters, prescriptions, movie presenters, songs, podcasts and much more. The options available on your website are endless. Make your site social media optimization, as it allows trackers and users to connect to social networks with a variety of tools.

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