Why use WordPress if you are serious about your online business?

Starting an online business is not cheap. I hope they will not bubble.

I'm sure I do not pay for office space, insurance or water cooler, but there are other costs as well. One is your website.

You are lucky! There are so many free blog sites there! I do not have to pick the free options, right? 19459002

That's right: I'm kind. They're incredibly free. I will move earth and earth to find cheap or cheap alternatives. If there is an inexpensive way to do something, I'll tell you what it is. The few places I'm making an exception are on your website.

If you're serious about your new online business, there's plenty of room to make expensive mistakes. There is plenty of space to spend your valuable time. You will avoid all newcomer bugs.

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Tracie's Tip: Do not start with a free blog site.

There are a few reasons:

# 1 ok not to use a free blog page when starting an online business:

Free websites, such as Weebly or Blogger, or even WordPress.com, are not technically the site owner. Your content is in the mercy of the site you are using. If something happens to that site, your content has disappeared. If your site does not like something you do, they can close it and – again – your content will disappear. Both may seem drastic, but if it happens to you, it will hurt.

# 2 Reasons not to use a free blog page when starting an online business:

These are not as customizable as their paid counterparts. If you want to add a podcast player, a photo gallery, or make sure your site is optimized to get the most sales, you can not do this on most free blogger sites

# 3 o. Free website when starting your online business:

It seems improper. If you want to make money on your site, you need a website that looks reliable. If you do not have a customized URL, it looks less legitimate than a business, and customers are less likely to trust you.

Tracie's Tip: To use the best site for your bonus, use WordPress.org. Note. I told WordPress.org. NOT WordPress.com. There is a difference.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

Unlike public opinion, the difference between the two different WordPress sites is not that one is free. Both are free and on their own. The biggest difference? For someone who really hates technology, WordPress.com seems to be the best solution because it has a lot of things to do for you.

Here is the problem. WordPress.com has the same disadvantage as other free blogging sites, except for WordPress.com, payment upgrade to add customization, free ads, more memory, and so on.

After paying all your ads, you'll pay more than just starting on a WordPress.org site.

So why would people choose WordPress.com? ? For most people, this is because they are intimidated by the idea that they need to buy a domain and need to find a hosting service. When you create a new WordPress.org site, you need to pay for a domain and host that cost about $ 50 / year. You also need to know how to create your domain and domain.

But here's the thing: if you can not set up your domain and host, you can easily find someone at Fiverr.com Do it for you.

As your business grows and you want to expand your website, many of the things you want to add are actually WordPress plug-ins. Plug-ins are bits of codes that offer special features such as podcasts, shopping carts, or social media widgets – things that make your blog site unique, personal and entertaining (not to mention!). Most of them are available only on WordPress.org. In fact, WordPress.org has more plug-ins than any other web site building platform in the world.

If you made a mistake and registered the wrong account, you should not be in doubt. It is possible to place the on.com site via the WordPress Importator plug-in from the on-line website.

What are you using?

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