Why I Make Yogurt at Home

I grew up in India and I've always seen that every household, including mine, makes yogurt at home and continues doing it. After I moved to London, no one had seen yogurt at home. Even my friends, my family, abstained from practice in India. Apart from the fact that they do not have enough time, there are other reasons, too cold here and cannot be set. Without experimentation, I decided to go with the crowd and buy yogurt tubs until I found an article about probiotics and living bacteria and their many uses. My first answer was to check the label of the probiotic or live cultures on the product. He didn't. My immediate reaction, oh my God! I've been eating dead yogurt for a long time.

During my next super market trip, I started scanning every yogurt bath on the shelf. I found some that contained living bacteria and cultures. I tried to find what I was looking for and bought the probiotic bath. However, he still died of dead yogurt for so long that I was at home for yogurt. Perhaps this was to reassure myself and to make sure that the statements of the living cultures were correct and also to see if they were able to repeat the process followed at home. I cooked a little milk and heated it. Then I put a little yogurt on the bath, asking for bacteria, and left overnight in the warm place of my house.

due to my disappointment, the process failed. Although I bought the probiotic yogurt, it was real, but because I couldn't repeat the process, I was frustrated. In fact, I did not want to pass on the untried claims of the other Indians. What annoyed me is the companies that sell dead yoghurt that I eat for so many months. My concern was real, and it asked the entire food industry, which looks like a milking cow, and the owner's only motivation seems to be cash.

I continued my experiments on making yoghurt in Hungary and tried different brands in different stores. Finally, after many experiments and expeditions, we managed to produce the first batch of homemade yogurt. Yeh! Since then, I have been making and preparing yoghurt at home. The many advantages: homemade yogurt is great, there are no preservatives and no additives, and it is important to reduce packaging waste and thus environmentally friendly.

Eco-friendly sounds are cool and you get some brown spots. But personally, every time I make my own yogurt, I'm glad I don't even use a plastic tub that probably lasts for hundreds of years to decompose. Furthermore, I live in delicious homemade yogurt.

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