Why do you use a personal trainer and how do you choose the best?

Visit ten commercial fitness centers or fitness centers to ask them why you need to use a personal trainer and give you ten different answers to why you should use a personal trainer from the facility. The problem with consulting such advisers is that counseling is guided by sales targets and is intended to help resident personal trainer business.

Do not fool yourself with me, I'm a personal trainer, I work in a large commercial gym and want to build a business. For members of the gym who are sold on the virtues and values ​​of personal training, it will certainly facilitate this work. But much more I would like customers to choose to use personal trainer (preferably with me) for real reasons and a realistic view, it is better for me to expect them to get from the hard-earned dolls.

begins at the beginning; why should you train with a personal trainer? There are basically ten reasons why most people choose to hire a personal trainer and these are:

1. You do not see the results . Many start a training system with a general purpose, usually weight loss, and work crazy for weeks, months and years without noticeable results. A good personal trainer can embark on a comprehensive retrospective questionnaire and engage in profound discussions about goals, motivations, and training history. Only when you understand where you are and where you want to go will begin to express a practical and nutritional plan for you. Pre-motion screening includes weight measurement, circumcision, and possibly skin length measurement, which is designed to create a baseline for future development to be measurable

. You do not know where to start. There is no personal trainer who is worth spending money, assuming you have any prior knowledge of anatomical and physiological, nutrition or advanced sciences. The reason is that assuming that each client is a blank canvas and develops workouts based on the principles of sound technology and progression, each client has the opportunity to learn the safest and most effective way to gain strength, cardio vascular fitness and insurance against unnecessary injuries. Most people who join the gym do not know how to practice effectively or safely, and no one is better to teach how to do it than a personal trainer. Many people download a template training from their favorite site or get advice from their "fit" friends. The problem with this approach is that you may not be able to use your device safely and your workout has not been tailored to suit your individual needs and / or limitations. Your old workout is bored. From personal experience, I know that if you do not change your training regularly or do not add interesting training opportunities to the mix, you are very bored with the workout and are less likely to try to do it. Bang, there's the motivation. A good personal trainer will constantly review your progress, how your body fits into practice and evaluates your motivation. If any or all of these indicators are or are less motivated, you will change your habits and add variation during training to remain interesting and be challenging for your body. ] 4. It must be debated. If we are like the majority of the practicing population, then there will be days when you simply do not feel your bounds or you feel like you're loose. A personal trainer can not afford to obstruct BS objections. He will do it to complete the last two repetitions and encourage the set when the weight is too heavy. He will have your conscience, mentor and cheerful team, but he will not be your mother.

5. Want to learn how to exercise on yourself. Even if you want to practice yourself, it's a great idea to hire a personal trainer for some occasions to learn the right exercise. This is especially true if you want to know the muscles of the body, how to target these muscles, and how to practice with good techniques. Only a few sessions can teach your body how it works and what it can do to get the most out of it.

6. You need accountability and motivation. Personal trainers have built-in motivation. You invest money and time in your health and fitness, and there is nothing like a constant meeting to take your ass and move. A good personal trainer also takes responsibility; so if you do not sign up for the meeting, it is up to you to find out if the missing training was in your own time. Regularly test your eating and sleeping habits to make sure it stays on the pitch.

7. You have a special illness, injury or condition. If you have specific circumstances such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, arthritis or elderly injuries, a person with personal trainer who can work with your physician, physiotherapist, or chiropractor can help you find a program that meets your specific circumstances. injuries and other problems. Remember to find a trainer who has experience with your problems and make sure your trainer works closely with your physician and / or your physician for the best experience.

Play sports or sports. If you break into a marathon, a football season, or another type of sport or event, experienced Personal Trainer can help you decide what to do to keep you strong without lowering your other workout. He can also help in creating a training program and preparing a periodization plan for the upcoming event. Just make sure you've experienced the sport you are doing, because not every coach is doing sports-specific training. You want surveillance and support. Some people know how to practice the best results and know how to exercise safely but still want to have a personal trainer surrounded to supervise training and support (including heavy weights) during training. The personal trainer then becomes a training partner.

10. You want to train at home. Many people have a good collection of exercise equipment at home but are not sure how to use what is lacking in motivation and discipline to actually exercise. Your personal trainer will be able to show you exactly how you can use it, and your knowledge of Trainer arriving on a given day at a particular time will help you do the job.

are some really compelling reasons to use a personal trainer, the next question is: How do you choose the best?

It would be easy and I would simply say, "Take it!" but there are some basic and undeniable criteria that we need to insist on vision. The first one is a suitable one, recognizing the qualification of fitness or workout. At the absolute minimum, personal trainer III. And III. If you have sporty or experienced sciences, then you are far better.

Secondly, if there are no further qualifications, eg. In the case of a certificate or a diploma work, nutrition or diet, no nutrition or nutrition advice should be given under the national nutrition guidelines. However, if you have further qualifications in Nutrition and / or Dietetics, they can help you analyze diet and provide nutrition advice and advice.

The third factor to consider is their specialization. Each personal trainer has been taught to a level that enables them to provide support and guidance to a wide range of broad goals and challenges. Nevertheless, I have not met a single personal trainer who does not have a vocational training or a particular type of training. If you have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and your goal is to lose weight and control your condition, it would be pointless to have a personal trainer whose specialization or preference for bodybuilding and competition. Likewise, it would be pointless to strive for an aspiring bodybuilder with a trainer specializing in post-pregnancy slimming. Experience is negligible and frustrating for both parties. Finally, compatibility is a key factor in deciding whether to trust health and fitness. You may have found the best personal trainer on the planet, but if you have a huge ego and have difficulties with you at your level, he is not the guy for you. Spend time on sitting and chatting, find out about the trainer's background, personal training plan, and what you enjoy in the gym. If you find a relative spirit who has all the qualifications and a specialty that suits your needs, they are the trainer for you.

If you find the perfect personal trainer, do not be fooled by the dollar to reach your goals. Investing in a better personal trainer is worth every cent. Let's say you have to invest $ 50 twice a week twice a week twice a week to get the chosen Trainer twice a week. In isolation, $ 100 may seem rather large, but should be put in context; what is your life and your long-term health? If you've stopped all dietary meals, cigarettes, and alcohol, how much you save each week? If you could stop taking medicines that are currently healthy, how much would it cost you to save it? The dollar can not be the determining factor. It is very easy for me to say that "I can bring you to the best of my life" and, in fact, many of my contemporaries do exactly what they are doing in advertising, but what does this mean in your life context? I would rather say, "I can help you find the strength of purpose and discipline to be healthy and healthy throughout your life." This is a reality we can both commit and implement. Only you can change your life; I would teach you how to help me.

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