Where are the beautiful Thai ladies?

I often ask, "Where are the most beautiful women in Thailand?" My answer: "It depends on what woman you are looking for." I personally split Thailand into four parts. Central Thailand, Bangkok, South Thailand, Northern Thailand and East Thailand, called Isaan. In these areas, Thai women often look and act differently sometimes. For example, if you are looking for a highly qualified, professional Thai girlfriend or wife, you may want to check out Central Thailand in Bangkok. Many of the girls who live here are college graduates and are more western, as Bangkok is the gateway to East Asia SE Asia. They use more to the West and get used to us. This knowledge allows them to leave and move further when talking to foreigners. There is also a higher proportion of Thai girls who know English than other parts of the country.

Women in South Thailand often have darker skin and larger eyes. Beautiful women here are a nice blend of Malaysian and Thai origin. Girls are often outdoor lovers who enjoy hanging out on the beach. In addition, they love absolute seafood, because it is the cutting board of nutrition that grows along the beautiful Thai Gulf or the Andaman Sea. These girls are familiar with English again because of the large number of Western tourists. Many women work in the tourism industry.

East Thailand or Isaan is the poorest part of the country. It is also a place where many beautiful Thai women come from. Western men tend to be very small and very dark-skinned Thai women, and it's a great place to find them! It is often said that you have not been to "real" Thailand until you have gone to Isaan. This area in Thailand has Laos and Cambodia. The number of English-speaking Thai women is less than the southern and middle, but certainly there. Women here are quiet and respectful of Western men. I know more people who married Thai girls from Isaan and couldn't be happier at the level of company and generosity.

Finally, Northern Thailand, which, in my opinion, is the hidden jewel of Thailand. Here are women of Thai and Chinese origin. The Thai women are very accessible here and always smile great. Thai women usually have lighter skin, but little like most Isaan girls. The Thai girls here are very honest people who are longing for and ready to settle down when the time is right.

Remember that these are very broad generalizations about women in Thailand. It's like saying all the southern girls in the United States live on tobacco plants and love country music! This means you have to give a very general idea of ​​the different parts of the country and find the perfect Thai woman!

Source by Drew Patterson

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